Statement by Prime Minister Skerrit on the passing of Fidel Castro

Roosevelt Skerrit Prime Minister of Dominica, left, and Cuban President Fidel Castro shake hands Friday Feb.18, 2005 at the Revolutiuon Palace in Havana, Cuba.  Skerrit starts  today his second visit to the Island. (AP Photo/Jose Goitia)
Roosevelt Skerrit Prime Minister of Dominica, left, and Cuban President Fidel Castro shake hands Friday Feb.18, 2005 at the Revolutiuon Palace in Havana, Cuba. Skerrit starts today his second visit to the Island. (AP Photo/Jose Goitia)
It was with sadness that I received the news of the passing of Comrade Fidel Castro, the former President and the Revolutionary Leader of the Cuban Revolution, the Cuban people. Fidel Castro was somebody who had a very long and positive impact on the entire world having served for several decades. 
But it is not only about his long-standing leadership of Cuba that is of note, but his generosity to the world and the impact which Cuba made on Freedom for many countries. In South Africa, Cuba was very instrumental with the ANC in fighting for the equal rights of people of colour. Also in many African countries, Cuba played a very critical role in the freedom of black people, African people. 
In terms of health care and education, I believe that every country in this world would have been impacted upon by the generosity of the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. He was a well respected world leader. In Dominica, in every sphere of our society has been impacted by the generosity of Fidel Castro.
We will certainly miss him a lot and miss his presence in the world. We wish to extend our sincere condolences from the Government and people of Dominica, and my own behalf and that of my family, to the Government, his brother Raul, and to the Cuban people, and the Cuban Ambassador resident here in Dominica – our sincere and deepest condolences on the passing of Fidel.
I have had the occasion over an extended period of time to interact with him. I consider him to be a mentor, I consider him to be a friend. I have learned quite a bit from him in terms of his leadership and how he views world issues.
In recognition of his life and his contribution to Dominica and the Caribbean region, our flags in Dominica will be flown at half staff until the day after his burial as a sign of our respect, admiration, and appreciation for his contribution to Dominica.
Fortunately for us, we had the opportunity to bestow upon him a few years ago, the highest national award of our country in recognition of not only his contribution to Dominica but his contribution to the region.

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  1. Rev. John De Secalour, DD, Evangelist
    November 28, 2016

    Shut up with your fawning Dr. Skeritt, we know too well that Dr. Castro was your role model.

    I guess you will have to continue to keep on learning from communist China, your new partner in crime about how to keep us in our place and our money in yours.

  2. hypocritical?
    November 28, 2016

    Skerritt is a disappointment and should be ashamed of his recent backward stance to establish diplomatic relations with a country,MOROCCO, That country is occupying the lands of the oppressed people of Western Sahara. Irrespective of the numerous resolutions at the UN for decolonisation, Morocco continues, to this day, to impoverish, repress and oppress the Black people there.

    Fidel and Cuba for Years, have been giving support to the Polisario Front and the Sahawaris in their decades of struggle against the colonial power. Skerritt decided to rub shoulders with the King and elites of Morocco.

    Fidel and the people of Cuba would never sell their country to the highest bidder. Fidel and the people of Cuba would never think of SELLING PASSPORTS, as a strategy for development. Cuba would never hand over its DIPLOMATIC PASSPORTS to crooks and criminals, with problems with the Law. The Cuban revolution would have died longtime. With Cuba, its people come 1st.

  3. November 28, 2016

    Imprisoned for 2 years before being released.Went into exile in Mexico.Returned to Cuba staged a second attempt at over throwing the government. The same thing happened as the first time.Hundreds of his comrades were killed again but not him,he was imprisoned again.Then released only to attempt it a third time and success was on his side.That there tells me, that man was protected and raised for the purpose that he served out in his life time.And to add,he would go on to live 4 scores and 10.In his own words,he said,(he never expected that he would live that long,that was when he turned 90 earlier this year.About the same time he also said that,he’s going to die and he did passed away some month after.
    JEHOVAH works in mysterious ways.HIS ways are not our ways.HIS thoughts are not our thoughts.And HE alone knows why HE put certain folks in leadership positions as terrible as the situation may be..
    What I do know is that,most of them are in position for evil,never for good..

    • Let’s say he does not always ordained people in leadership position , however he allows things to happen.

      Let us think in terms of Hitler, I don’t believe God Jehovah would give power to Hitler so that he could have murdered more than six million Jews gassing and incinerating them in a burning oven while they were alive!

      I do not believe he told Fidel to create a revolution, knowing he was going to kill thousands of Cubans. So, also I do not believe God install Skerrit to reign over Dominica, knowing he would turn out to be the most corrupt politician to rule over our people.

      Here is my point; if God appointed Roosevelt Skerrit to be leader, and ruler over our people, he would not have to give one single dime to one rat to influence them to vote for him on Election day, because when God bless someone, and anointed them to do something they will do it with clean hands and be successful!

      Jesus said I come that ye may have life, and have it more abundantly, how many of us…

  4. November 28, 2016

    God is not a said someone by the name: Just Me
    As I am always mindful, whenever I speak to folks, to say,We are not the ones calling the shots..JEHOVAH is..HE and HE along. HE said, all power belongs to HIM. HE pulls down one and raises another. Also HE created both good and evil and HE uses them to HIS own pleasure..I think Fidel Castro truly a display of JEHOVAH at work..Another character that came to my mind when I heard of how Fidel got to where he was able to rule over a nation was Pharaoh,not the Father,the son who ruled over the children of Israel whilst they were slaves in Egypt with an iron fist. And JEHOVAH (GOD) made it very clear that HE raised Pharaoh up for the very purpose that he played out in his life time
    In comparison Fidel as a young man lead three coup d’etas against the same regime in his country and was only successful in the third attempt at over throwing the government. In his first attempt hundreds of his comrades were killed.HE was captured…

  5. Possie (60 plus wasted years of Labour )
    November 27, 2016

    Dominicans are the most ungrateful and hateful set of human I have known. They don’t remember the good this man has done for them yet they are saying so much negative things about Castro.

    • Bumbble Lee
      November 28, 2016

      Dominica has only a few Thousands of people, while Cuba has Millions of people. So, to you he was good because he helped a few Thousands; even-though Millions of his own people were impoverished, killed, imprisoned and tortured? That’s what I called blind-sided. :twisted:

    • Grateful island man
      November 28, 2016

      i agree with you these ungrateful Deplorable Dominicans, I tell you they are as hungry as they sound they never remember the good anyone do to a them and country its horrible.
      yet again you have a country with so many illiterate Human beings and no body see the need to educate their nationals. sad i will be praying for the illiterate

  6. Shaka Zulu
    November 27, 2016

    Admitting he is a dictator

  7. Bumbble Lee
    November 27, 2016

    “I tried! But I could not. Tried to break dis guy’s hand but his hand is as hard as rock SALT.” Check de handshake. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  8. Roosevelt Skerrit said Fidel his hero had a great impact on the world, Skerrit’ thought is that of a fool! The following are comments made by a United States Senator, who’s parents are Cuban born who fled Cuba during Fidel’s revolution in which he murdered thousands!

    In my opinion, Fidel Castro was no different to Hitler.

    “Senator Marco Rubio thinks it would be a travesty to turn Fidel Castro into a folk hero, because the reality is he was a brutal dictator who must now answer to God.
    Rubio doesn’t think Castro’s death will have a material change on Cuba since he hasn’t been in power for a decade.

    The Florida senator has been indignant at the revisionist history on Castro and Cuba, and he’s feeling clearly didn’t soften just because Castro died.(Marco Rubio).

  9. Tjebe fort
    November 27, 2016

    You see Fidel Castro looking say from Roosevelt Skerrit. Di dhe already know then what the world knows now?

  10. Me
    November 27, 2016

    Humbug and crocodile tears.

  11. viewsexpressed
    November 27, 2016

    Fidel Castro will be turning in his grave that you, Skerrit, have not learnt from him at least the importance of political discipline and promoting health care, whereas you have moved from the principle of democracy and service took poor people to one of a travelling worldwide …………. in selling our nationality, passports to people who may not have interest in investing in Dominica. Therefore the returns are going to be little to nothing. I do not like dictators and people taking control of people life, but at least Fidel was a humanitarian and although came from rich family to his death, he out his people first.
    his photo fit is just a show, took out years ago and appears to want to be seen standing next to him, however, the principles he held and stood for, you are far from t, let alone comprehend its meaning. Too many opportunists circle you Skerrit, you are in deep water and your political character has been tarnished.

  12. Pres_Donald_Trump
    November 27, 2016

    People are being lied to about communism. Communism is the greatest evil in our modern times. The media, Universities even religious orders support this, communism turns mass crimes into a system of Government it is responsible for killing 94 million people in the 20th century. This is from the black book on communism by Stéphane Courtois
    It is a system of Government that is worse that national socialism which is responsible for killing 25 million people leading to poverty and despair. Nazism is national socialism.

    • viewsexpressed
      November 27, 2016

      Yes it is. It is not a democratic process, nor is it a embracing system. It is a closed society, punitive, if one strays punishable by imprisonment, going against the comrade and ordinary citizens have no personal say other than to tow the line. I cannot be mentally and physically be imprisoned. I have a say.

  13. Titiwi
    November 27, 2016

    The Times called Fidel Castro as “the Scourge of the West” in its headline and succinctly referred to Cuba as “an island in the sun for every leftie over 40”. Personally, the demise of Castro leaves me indifferent. The man passed away peacefully at the ripe old age of 90, and I don’t see why we have to be 9 days in mourning because of that. However I will mourn the people of the Western Sahara, who’s right to self determination was unwaveringly supported by Fidel Castro and so wantonly undermined by our government with the stroke of a pen to curry favors with the hereditary king of Morocco and a boatload of fertilizer. If Roosevelt Skerrit thinks that nine days of flying our flag at half mast will remedy that he is mistaken. “Jamas no debimos ovidar esta traicion .Jamas!”

  14. Just Me
    November 27, 2016

    God is not a communist !!!!!

  15. Doc. Love
    November 27, 2016

    Wow, Fidel Castro was Skeritt’s mentor. When he told us that no law no constitution can prevent him from doing what he wants, now we know where he got those dictatorial behavior from. When he goes to the parliament and passes laws to favor himself, for instance, the reduction of the members of the IPO, those us who thought it was Tony’s advice, now we know who was the man behind those actions. Many Dominicans, in particular Angelo, have accused Skeritt of being a one man Government, they were right, this was how Fidel had been ruling Cuba for decades. When Skeritt said he will be ruling Dominica until 2050, had it not been for medical reasons, this was Fidel’s plans for Cuba. Skeritt runs all Government ministries, same like Fidel. Free toilets, free school books, free bus rides for students, free medical care, especially for the elderly, the famous red clinic. He once said, when Dominicans come to him for favors, should he send them and pray, Fidel, all the way.

  16. kubulol
    November 27, 2016

    And what about his dictatorship ? … nothing !
    – Political opponents jailed, no free elections, no free medias, same government for over 50 years, millions of Cubans refugees in the US, struggle with 20$ a month to survive, no free internet …
    should I add some more or is it sufficient ?

    • Heartfelt
      November 27, 2016

      Of course you won’t hear of these things. Cubans were actually dancing and rejoicing because that tyrant died but Dominicans are saying he was a good man because Skerrit said so. Fidel Castro was a modern day Hitler.

  17. Anna Prince
    November 26, 2016

    Skerrit, you learned a lot from Fidel? Don’t insult the intelligence of the genuine people of Cuba and those all over the world. You are selling Dominica’s sovereignty, you betrayed the Polisario Front, you use your office to accumulate wealth, you are a millionaire, Fidel lived a humble life and owns nothing.
    You have not learnt anything from Fidel Castro, that’s why you do not visit Cuba.
    Rest in Peace Fidel Castro Ruz, you did your part for humanity.

  18. November 26, 2016

    Good D.N.O. Great move, leave out the comments section. O.I.D.

  19. Tjebe fort
    November 26, 2016

    That photo of Fidel Castro and Roosevelt Skerrit is nearly twelve years ago. I hardly recognize P.M. Isn’t there a more recent picture of them together or did he not meet his mentor after that?

  20. Dominican Passport
    November 26, 2016

    Skerrit hairline finish it term and he still doh want to go, then again is Dominicans that have him there so :lol: :cry:

  21. Mr. Bobol Seeker
    November 26, 2016

    A proud 33 degree Freemason, Fidel Castro was a legend of the the revolutionary hegelian dialectic in his time.

  22. Prophet
    November 26, 2016

    …And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the Judgement!
    Hebrews 9:27

    • November 28, 2016

      At the time of the communist revolution in Cuba Christian missionaries were forced to flee the island leaving everything they had behind including the rings on their fingers. One man – a dedicated Canadian preacher whom I came to know personally – left behind a home he had built for is family. A few years later he was able to return to Cuba and went to look at his house only to find it had been bulldozed.

      Another friend of mine, a prominent Canadian pastor, visited Cuba taking with him Bibles, clothing, and personal items for the Cuban people. He was arrested, and accused of being a CIA operative. After hours of abuse he was finally released.

      It is both a relief and a cause of sadness to hear of Mr. Castro’s death.

      A RELIEF: A new day of freedom may be dawning for Cuba. In anticipation of this time the Christians are preparing to reach out with the gospel, and missionaries are planning to go to every part of the island.

      • November 28, 2016


        A CAUSE OF GRIEF: “After this the judgement.” If the man died without Christ he went into a lost eternity. We don’t wish this on anybody. Christians hope Mr. Castro had a moment of grace before his passing when he realized he was a lost sinner and could not save himself. At that moment he would have believe that Christ died for his sins and rose again, and received HIM as his personal Savior.

        “…when we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

        “… Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, …” (Acts 16:31)

        “… as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, …” (John 1:12)

        “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.” ( John 3:36)

        “He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” ( 1 John 5:12)

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill.

  23. Just Passing Through
    November 26, 2016

    Absolutely PM. President Fidel Castro was a great friend of Dominica. We have many Dominicans who were schooled in Cuba; and most have excel in their chosen profession plus so much more he and his government have done for Dominica and Dominicans. We sympathize with you and our own government PM and of course, the Family of President Fidel Castro and the Cuban People.

    Many of us grew up knowing of Castro as a household name. He is one person the world will never forget. Great loss. May his soul rest in peace.

    • viewsexpressed
      November 27, 2016

      Thanks for this, but please , one error, when you mention the struggle of Cuba and Fidel`s name, keep Skerrit`s name out of it please. These are two gentlemen far apart in taking care of people and country.
      Skerrit is not a reputable leader and not a role model. I have my issue with Castro and the plight of the Cuban people, but he had to overthrow the dictator Batista. We are here fighting with a dictator here in Dominica.

    • To Just Passing Through!

      Note: Fidel Castro, was no friend of Dominica!

      Just like Skerrit is a puppet running all over the place looking for handouts, so too Fidel Castro was a puppet to the Soviet Union; commissioned by the Soviet Union to do whatever was necessary to ensure that all of the Caribbean islands abandoned their democracy, or the capitalists system, and adapted communism!

      The Brainwashing from Castro did not work on the island leaders except Grenada, when we saw Bernard Core killed Erick Bishop the then Prime Minister, and installed himself as Grenada’s prime minister! I am sure you are aware that Bernard depended on Cuba, and the Soviet Union for his defense, nevertheless, when Eugenia Charles got Regan to send in the U. S. Marines into Grenada to retake the island, neither Castro troops nor the Soviet Union battleships was not anywhere to be seen.

      Hence, they used Radio Grenada to appeal to Castro; “send In the troops now;” but, they never came. That put…

      • Continue:

        Hence, they used Radio Grenada to appeal to Castro; “send In the troops now;” but, they never came. That put an end to Castro’s effort to communize the Caribbean. He was all over the place in Africa, doing the same thing. The Africans avoided communism after some went to Russia to study, and found they faced discrimination, because of the color of their skin, and so the Africans ignored Castro’s ploys to get communism throughout Africa.

        Fidel Castro’s job was to help the Soviet takeover the world to be ruled by the communist Russians.

        All he offered was scholarship for people to study in Cuba., all of those who study in Cuba to this day degrees are not recognize any place excepts some places in the Caribbean. The first people who came out of medical School in Cuba, the only places where government took a chance and accept these doctors allowing them to do internship was Jamaica, and Guyana.

        The only place in the Caribbean you will find a mark of Castro;…

      • Finally:

        The only place in the Caribbean you will find a mark of Castro; is in the foundation for Grenada’s International Airport. After the United States freed the Grenadian people, they assisted in finishing the construction of their International Airport. Before I end this, let us not forget that Eugenia Charles sent forty (40) old rifles and maybe five Dominica solders to fight in the Grenada war!

        By the time they got to Grenada; a single United States attack helicopter had already level the playing, in the process evacuating the American student’s who was caught on the island studying medicine, bringing an end to communism on the island of Grenada!

      • November 29, 2016

        Communism has failed.

        Russia wanted to use Cuba as a showcase window to sell communism to the western world. After 50 years the nations looked in and what they saw was worse than what they had so they said ”Thanks, but no thanks.”

        By this time the Soviet Union had already collapsed. China had the worst human rights record on earth and was bestowing gifts and favors on developing third world countries to buy credibility for the communist ideology.

        The nations that will do well are those that honor the word of God, and follow the principles He has given us for success in the Holy Scriptures.

        ”This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; But thou shall meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” (Joshua 1:8)

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill.

  24. November 26, 2016

    Can i see you one day shaking hands with Trump ? Even if i lose my vote to him. I heard you said castro was one of the best please go back and read history and read how he treated his people.

  25. Pascal Charles
    November 26, 2016

    Hasta lá Victoria sempre venceremos , he will always live among us , a champion of third world leaders and for third world causes

    • viewsexpressed
      November 27, 2016

      True, but what about his own people, especially those who ran away, risk their lives and that of their families

      • November 28, 2016

        Years ago I preached a service for the Cuban refugees in ”Little Cuba” in Miami. These were Cubans who had fled Cuba to escape Castro’s revolution with their families. They had seen this soviet style communism in the Caribbean close up and wanted none of it. For them it was worth risking their lives and leaving all they had behind just to get to America. Many who staid in Cuba were those who couldn’t escape.

        That was because of the way Castro was treating his own people. The ”favors” Castro did for other Caribbean islands were a P.R. job and part of a larger scheme to buy acceptance in the free world for the communist ideology. China is doing the same thing. But back home China has one of the worst human rights records on earth, and the half has not been told.

        The gospel of Christ and the promise of His return is the only hope for the nations. Soon every knee shall bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill.

  26. Skerrit continues to be a total embarrassment to himself our people and the dirt we walk on which make up the island of Dominica. If Skerrit considers Fidel Castro a murderer who killed so many Cuban to have a positive impact on the entire world, that is an indication that he is either a fool or simply not aware of all the events which took place in Cuba in the early 1950’s in the days of Batista.

    I was a little boy then, but I listened to the news nightly; Skerrit was not yet conceived, that boy need to know what the hell he is babbling about before he commenced braying. It would be bad enough for someone not in authority to make a dumb statement like that because they do not know!

    Nevertheless, for a minister to make a foolish statement like that confirms he is either a liar, who makes no attempt to know the truth before running of his mouth!

    He has no clue as to the events in Cuba in the 1950’s up to 1963 when the Russians were installing in Cuba!

    • Continue:

      Skerrit has no knowledge of the thousands of people Fidel Castro murdered in Cuba, and some of them were Dominicans living in Cuba, there were people from other islands too, and for those who do not believe that, be assured the greatest Cuban Heavyweight Boxing Olympic Champion ever in the history of Cuba, his name was Stevenson, has his roots in Dominica, as his grand parents are from Dominica.

      They did not even get a chance to run from Cuba in the late 1950’s early 1960’s prior to the blockade imposed on the Russian warships, and machinery by the United States. Skerrit need to get lost with his nonsense!

      • November 28, 2016

        Thank you Mr. Telemaque :!:

        P.M. Skerrit and other prominent men are praising Castro. Do they not know of the thousands of people Fidel Castro murdered in Cuba :?: Do they not know of the loss of freedoms and pain inflicted upon the Cuban people :?: Or if they do know is the ”revolution” so glorious in their sight that the end justifies the means :?: Do they want this for Dominica :?: Is it coming :?: Are the Dominican people going to wait and see while they sing ”What will be will be” :?:

        Those who don’t know history are prone to repeat its mistakes. Does this not frighten you :?How could the P.M. think the revolution in Cuba is a glorious thing and NOT want the same for Dominica :?: Where is P.M. Skerrit leading the nation :?:

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill.

  27. flowers
    November 26, 2016


  28. jonathan st jean
    November 26, 2016

    Thank you Skerritt.Well said

  29. Grateful Dominica
    November 26, 2016

    Well done Skerrit. I agree with you on that statement. Viva Fidel!

  30. November 26, 2016

    We in Dominica owe a debt of gratitude to Comard Castro for his benevolence towards our countrymen, particularly in the areas of health and education. Dominica was one of the single voices that continually called for Cuba to accept as a sovereign Caribbean nation when it was not popular to do through the efforts of the late Prime Minister Roosie Douglas. May his legacy live on

    • LawieBawie
      November 28, 2016

      I agree that there many commendable things which he has done for Dominica. However in the same breath, there are numerous evil deeds which he meted out to his own people (like most dictators do)which must also be borne in mind. So that is where I have a problem when you mention about his legacy living on.

      • November 28, 2016

        Dictators like Castro will do what is best for them. If it looks good enough to fool people for the time being and will help them get what they want at the end of the day they will do it regardless of how unethical it is or who it eventually hurts.

        Remember regardless of his human rights violations and genocide Hitler had his followers who put him in power. He was deep in the occult and protected by demons but non of these things mattered to German people – the fools – who thought he could do no wrong. In more recent times we have seen nations ruled by mentally ill men supported by their own kind until either one of their trusted aids of somebody from the free world had the manhood to take them down.

        What is needed is a few good men who cannot be bought. Men who care not for political correctness, who know right from wrong, discern corruption at a distance, love their nation, and draw their own line in the sand.

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill.

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