Palestinian Ambassador accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing; Israel claims Hamas will be attacked, not civilians



Following Hamas’ deadly attack last Saturday against Israel which saw over 1,300 dead (mostly civilians) Israel has ordered  over 1,000,000 Palestinians, which is 50% of the population in that part of the territory, to evacuate northern Gaza in just 24 hours, the BBC reports.

This evacuation order coincides with a massive build up of over 300,000 thousand Israeli troops on the border of Gaza ahead of an expected ground invasion.

Several days of airstrikes against Gaza since the attack, have left over 1,900 Palestinians dead including 600 children.

The Israeli evacuation order directs Palestinian civilians to flee south of the area called Wadi Gaza while Hamas claims this is Israeli propaganda and should be ignored.

According to Reuters, Israel’s UN ambassador, Gildan Erdan, said the evacuation directive from Israel should be recognized as it is part of his country’s standing policy to avoid civilian casualties.

In response, the Palestinian envoy to the UN, Riyad Mansour, said Friday that Israel’s evacuation call in Gaza amounts to ethnic cleansing and that there is currently no safe place in Gaza.

The UN secretary General, António Guterres, has reminded both sides to protect civilians and that even war has rules. “…civilians must be protected and also never used as shields.”

The BBC video report is below:

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  1. October 16, 2023

    Hello and good evening my people. America and the European countries are arming Israel to maintain their seventy year occupation of the Palestinian. Then they turn around and arm Ukraine to fight Russia who is occupying parts of Ukraine. As we debate this America is occupying parts of Iraq and Syria. In America up is down and down is up. America has thirty one trillion dollars in debt but no financial organization is forcing them to restructure their economy .No organization or business counts the way the American government does. Look at the Political and financial mess in America. We have a senior citizen as a president and a house without a speaker. Two things America has, (1) lots of Expensive military equipment that their soldiers can’t operate and debt.

  2. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    October 16, 2023

    “What Israel is doing is the prototypical definition of genocide. The overwhelming number of casualties are not Hamas fighters but children, women and innocent children.”(lbo).
    For the first time I disagree with somewhat; indeed the Palestinians Hamas thugs are not even in uniform, as a military! They are dressed as civilians among the population, and difficult to identify. They do not have any military barracks or base, they hide among the population, so in a case like that children and women do get killed.
    Nevertheless, you must recognized the fact, the Palestinians and Iranians told the world that Israel does not have any right to exists, and they will do what it takes to annihilate the nation of Israel ( that is killing every last Israeli on the planet).
    As such lbo; if someone threatens to kill you, I suspect unless you are a coward, you would do whatever it takes to defend yourself against the threat!
    And that is the nation Israel right do!

  3. Brain Damage
    October 16, 2023

    Supports Israel’s fight against those terrorist and criminal groups, Hamas, Hesbola and ISIS.
    At the end of the week, there will not be a Ham… muchless for the as in Garza All those terrorists will be flushed out from their hiding place for such act committed against Israel civillians last week.

  4. If we knew better
    October 16, 2023

    What Israel failed to add was that they view all Palestinians as Hamas. When they say they intend to change their reality what they mean was they intend to eradicate Palestine and take the rest of their land for themselves.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3
    • Ibo France
      October 16, 2023

      That is their absolute intention. Israel is on a genocidal mission to completely rid Palestine of Palestinians.

      For over sixty consecutive years Israel has had Apartheid firmly in place. They treat the Palestinians as 2/5 (two-fifths) of a human being.

      When a white minority government controlled South Africa and almost all countries around the world had some form of sanctions of this Apartheid regime, Israel had full diplomatic ties with South Africa. Israel was their closest ally in trade, sports, travel, et cetera.

      How any black or brown people can give support to such a racist, barbaric regime as Israel is stunningly unbelievable.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 5
      • Wake up and grow up
        October 16, 2023

        limited words with so much falsehood and racially prejudiced ignorance to dispel.

        Hamas’ advocates for destruction of Israel constitutionally, and openly call for genocide, Israelis are very diverse in ethnicity and viewpoints 20% are Arab Israelis (for eg) their constitutional policy has always been cohabitation and peace most Israelis want this.

        Israel was one of the biggest CRITICS of apartheid and always against Apartheid, they are STILL the biggest trading partner with South Africa, despite South Africa’s moral denunciation of Israel ,because, economics trumps moral pretention, Israel trades with a lot of Africa and wants more ties with Africa and developed economic ties with South Africa following the six-day war after being shunned by African countries influenced by Arab controlled oil.

        But Israel is racist…as racist as Black people might be if in a fight for survival against people who want to kill you becuz of ur race…maybe even less so (to be continued)

        • Wake up and grow up
          October 16, 2023

          continued….no not defending Israeli racism, just pointing out we likely would not be any better in their position, don’t judge either the Palestinians or Israelis TOO harshly, warcrime aside (Hamas confirmed attack on civilians and the regular killing of Palestinians by IDF even before this was evil and so is the casual discrimination against Arabs.

          Israel is a nation of holocaust survivors the single most evil act of 20th century maybe ever ,AT LEAST 10 millions Jews (more including non whites) slaughtered for existing. because of that they created a society that refuses to silence any voices.

          They oppress others, favour their own (as we may do) but are for existential reasons vehemently against genocide it is a delusional lie to say that they (apart from the hate boiling on their side in response to ongoing Hamas atrocities) are the same as Hamas and want genocide. If Hamas de-armed today there would likely be a ceasefire, if Israel de-armed they would be slaughtered.

          • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
            October 17, 2023

            You are talking a whole pile of crap: In the Middle East, racism is not a household word!
            They are Arab, or Jews; now as I said Dominicans are smarter than God, however, none of you smart people will understand the conflict unless you find out about it as it is written and told in the bible!
            This is where it started:

            The history of Hagar is given in Genesis 16:1-16; 17:1-27; 21:1-34 If you would like to read her story through for yourself, see these Bible verses: Genesis 16:1-16, Genesis 21:8-21, Genesis 25:12, and Galatians 4:24-25
            If is one lesson I learnt from a Dominica Kid either on DNO or CAKAFET when it existed; is that “when we(people) do not know we believe anything!”
            I look forward to some ridiculing and thumbs down, but the joke will not be on me!
            It will be on those who don’t know and the haters of Israel.
            Laugh as one wish; I am a firm believer in God.

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          • If we knew better
            October 17, 2023

            But yet, currently, they are acting like the Nazis. Very recently, they told palestinians to evacuate the northern part of palestine and go south. They began bombing the people as they travelled south. Israel is a farce and a completely made up state of non indigenous people. These are Europeans not middle eastern people. Hamas is a group of militias. a small handful of the people. From the very begining the state of Israel should not have been as it was stolen land and continues to steal land and treat the indigenous people as animals. Otherwise they would be homeless in the world after they ran from Hitler.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0
          • Wake up and grow up
            October 17, 2023

            @ Francisco

            No ridicule from me.

            We agree broadly about the attitude of racism in the middle east these people don’t have the same brainwashed dumb ideas about racism as some in the west, they have different outlooks and their prejudices are mostly clan based or religious/political discrimination instead.

            We can agree broadly on the bible but you too quick to refer to things you don’t agree with or understand as crap.

            I’ve read those passages. The bible is fundamental and describes truth and the reality in part because its a finite book. God is infinite nothing can ever fully contain God not even the bible or our limited views on it.

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          • Wake up and grow up
            October 17, 2023

            @ if we knew better

            So Israelis are Nazis now? So they gas and kill Jews? they believe they are superior to all other races. They kill old, infirmed, physically and mentally disabled? They kill people because their skulls are shaped differently? They kill other white people they consider inferior whites? They kill black people and non-whites because they see them as a useless burden. They tolerate no other ethnic groups within their borders?

            Israeli had invited the 20% Arab population that are currently Israelis, their constitution protects them while Hamas’ constitution calls for the eradication of Israel.

            You are very misinformed.

            There were ancient indigenous Jews that remained in their homeland after the Romans killed most of their people and scattered them to the wind in 63 bc and call the country “palestine” to spite the Jew. They were fighting for their land up until the British established Israel in 1948, both Palestinians and Jews have a claim to the land.

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  5. Jonathan Y St Jean
    October 16, 2023

    The actions that Israel continues to carry out in Gaza has reached the level of “revenge”. It’s time to call a spade a spade. Those who parrot the saying that Israel has a right to defend itself, like all other countries and nationalities do, yet remain silent whilst genocide and ethnic cleansing aggression continues against the oppressed people of Gaza, shame on you. This is now revenge by Israel. Under international law there are rules of war and conflict but this is against those rules. The West calls out Russia for war crimes, so where is the call for Netanyahu to be held to account for war crimes in Gaza. Damn hypocrisy. Israel has crossed the line of civilized and democratic civilization.

  6. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    October 15, 2023

    We know the devil is a liar and the father of lies!
    I know Riyad will never see or read this comment, unless the person is reading DNO which I doubt.
    Nevertheless, unless his ears and eyes are attached to his glutinous maximums, or senile, that person should remember that the Palestinians are the ones who said they were going to back Israel into the sea!
    Those were the words of Arafat the late Palestinian leader.
    The Palestinians claimed that their main purpose in life is to kill Israeli; if that’s not ethnic cleansing, I don’t know what else could it be.
    I feel empathy for the helpless Palestinians children, some with special needs: the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians dates back more than 2000 years, and so, no human alive can resolve that; but had Hamas not invaded Israel last week what we witnessing now would not happen.
    It doesn’t matter the nation, fighting with Israel is fighting God Jehovah.
    Who can fight God and prevail against him?

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      October 16, 2023

      I meant the conflict exists for more than two thousand (2,000) years!
      No political arrangement can resolve it: Hamas and all the terrorist in the Middle East will from time time will attack Israel, they all will be crushed by the military might and power of Israel.

  7. derp
    October 14, 2023

    Of course they have Dominica passport

  8. Ibo France
    October 14, 2023

    What Israel is doing is the prototypical definition of genocide. The overwhelming number of casualties are not Hamas fighters but children, women and innocent men.

    The Israelis with the full support of the European Union and the evil, bigoted America are denying water, food, electricity, medicine from an occupied/imprisoned 2M+ people with nowhere to escape the barbaric bombings and destruction of residential homes.

    This abominable event has exposed the sickening prejudice of the European and American news media against non-Caucasian races and ethnicities of people.

    • Wake up and grow up
      October 16, 2023

      No supporter of genocide but yours is Pseudo intellectual, prejudice bating foolishness,

      These are two tribes of white people, there are blacks, multiple ethnicities and nationalities among them (Jews and Palestinians) but the majority population there is white, you could say European whites and Asian whites but Arabs are white people by their own definitions.

      Many of them are very tanned as are many Jews (not all) but at a glance many Jews and Palestinians are indistinguishable from each other.

      Your support for foolish, convenient prejudice narratives keeps you from the seeing the truth. Yes, there is evil but its not just one race or side, Hamas attacked, kidnapped and killed civilians many women, children and elderly (undisputed fact) what is disputed: they raped women and murdered babies. That was an evil attack and I don’t think that makes Israel’s response justifiable but there are important differences truly just people will condemn all evil no matter who does it.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 5
      • MEME
        October 16, 2023

        @Wake up and grow up
        Pure unadulterated ignorance, hogwash and tomfoolery in a cocky way. Hamas retaliated because of Israel’s colonial tendancy of subjugating the Palestinians, wilfully killing them, driving them from their homes, occuoying their land, killing innocent children and women, and a myriad of other atrocities….So your long harangue means that you are 100% ignorant and uninformed. Hamas is justified in their action, and i fully support it.
        By the way, you must stop being a slave to western media, replete with pro Israel reporters. No wonder your last paragraph included what your western masters have told you.

        • Wake up and grow up
          October 16, 2023

          you condemn my harsh rebuke as cocky ,mere worded criticism, yet you arrogantly defend Hamas *attack* and killing of civilians because of “their right to defend” because it was Jews being killed?
          That is hypocritical, incoherent and supremely arrogant to say one set of lives are more valuable than others, you are not God.

          But I don’t expect better from one who openly said they will not change and seems to support Hamas no matter what.

          Look at my responses especially to “smh” we agree the treatment of the Palestinians leading up to this is evil and would likely lead to this.

          But doing evil to combat evil no matter how satisfying the feeling of revenge doesn’t make it right. If that were so the Israelis would be justified in a genocidal attack now, that’s evil and so is the killing of civilians by Hamas.

          btw your own views come from “western media” unless you speak Hebrew and Arabic, I read varied sources which is partly why my views are balanced to “wrong is wrong”

          • MEME
            October 16, 2023

            @Wake up ang grow up
            I defend people who fight injustice, while you gloat at them in utter ignorance. Your main source is, and must be western media. Man you are brainwashed to the point of no return. Best you read, than you listen to mainstream media, which has a surfeit of pro Israel reporters.When you repeat their balderdash, you do so for all to see, that you refuse to think.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0
          • Wake up and grow up
            October 16, 2023


            Weak response.

            What is wrong with certain Dominicans accusing others of their own bad behaviour or flawed thinking?

            Yes… all your ideas and traits are good and mine are the bad ones…unless I agree with you.

            Your own statements are unjust, supporting the murder of civilians: women, children and elderly.

            You are ignorant of ,or worse, ignore facts that don’t agree with you, you swallow this false narrative that you heard from Western Media and accuse others of being brainwashed by it take a look at this explainer of how you might have ended up with your thinking:

            I am thinking, my views changed when I started reading and researching these issues, before my thoughts were closer to yours, and it might change again depending on what the truth reveals.

            Your own words: you said you are not going to change YOU are the one that has stopped thinking.

            You can do better just try.

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      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        October 16, 2023

        Wake up: you are very wrong, neither the Israeli’s nor the Palestinians are white people or from any white tribe!

        And although in the Bible people are not reference by race, they are identified by their birth parents.
        Hence the Jews are indeed Identified as Jews, most definitely the Children of Israel!
        Now Jesus Christ was born a Jew, anyone who wishes to argue about that can save themselves the trouble of giving me thumbs down, read it all in the Old Testament of the Bible and then if they don’t like what God said about it, then fight and argue with him!
        I know there are Dominicans smarter than the creator of heaven and earth, and all that is within it, even those Dominicans who think they are gods!

        • Wake up and grow up
          October 17, 2023

          We can argue till kingdom come but that wont’ change the fact that most Israelis and Palestinians themselves believe they are white.

          You are not arguing with me, you are saying you are smarter and better educated than the majority of these people who know their own history and genetics better than you or I and call themselves white because of it.

          • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
            October 17, 2023

            “We can argue till kingdom come but that wont’ change the fact that most Israelis and Palestinians themselves believe they are white.”

            That is not true?

            Every Arab knows they are not white, the Jews are very much aware of that; if they consider themselves white there would be no holocaust in which more than six million Jews were murdered by white people!
            Now not every white person agreed to that crime, but the did to the Jews the same as they did to black people by enslaving our people for more than four hundred years!
            Always try to educate yourself to the truth, and facts of any mater.
            It would appear that you convinced yourself of your argument: nevertheless, without a source of your information, well I am here to tell you neither the Jews nor Palestinians thinks or believe they are white; any chance; there are twelve tribes of Israel, and I can name them.
            The lost tribe was found in Ethiopia, so tell me white tribe!

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
          • Wake up and grow up
            October 18, 2023

            Nazis killed everyone they thought inferior not just jews they actually went after white disabled people first.

            Race has always been a contentious issue, and has more to do with the ideas of the time rather than
            science or real genetics, we are far more similar than we are different under our skin.

            It depends on the options you give ppl, if you ask Jews and Palestinians to choose
            black or white, they will take white, if you give them, middle eastern, or north african, white and
            black or mixed heritage they will likely pick north African or middle eastern.

            The vast majority of Israelis and Palestinians pick white over black that is a fact.

            The universities and certain western media push a narrative that white = privilege and that
            black = minority = underprivileged or victim, if you accept jews are victims then they cannot be white
            these are mental gymnastics that deserve a gold medal in the self-delusion olympics, yet some black ppl hate Israelis for being white strange world.

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  9. Help us Lord
    October 14, 2023

    I just hope and pray that our passport is not found in the hands or in a bag pack of any of those terrorists. Let’s pray with me: dear lord please don’t let our passport to be found in the hands of anyone because as you know, Skerrit has our passports selling to crooks and known criminals all around the world, so help us us Lord

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 17 Thumb down 15
    • smh
      October 14, 2023

      Don’t worry the israelis don’t need any foreign passport they already have free reign to do what they want anywhere in the world with the backing of the great US empire. They have spy networks collecting information on EVERYBODY but somehow they couldn’t predict an attack from some poor desert dwellers in a region that they have under stranglehold for years.

      When an islamic terrorist slaughters several people in western countries like the US or Europe there are calls for peace and to stop “islamophobia”, a lot of times the most vocal calls for peace are from jews, who are also responsible for pushing immigration of middle easterners into western countries.

      But when Israel gets attacked jews all over the world are basically calling for genocide in response. But ignorant christians will support this because they are God’s chosen people or something like that.

      • Wake up and grow up
        October 16, 2023

        Appreciate the reality and sensibility in your comments. So much cruelty and bias in a lot of reactions, its encouraging to see more balanced takes.

        “Open air prison” is a fair description of Gaza. Continual oppression of a people will never have good results. On the otherhand Hamas wants to eradicate the Jews not coexist with them, oppression as bad as it is versus genocide are not remotely morally equal. That’s why Israel deserves scrutiny now and needs to be called out any warcrimes they have done but condemning Hamas’ warcrimes are equally important.

        I wish we lived in a world where we could give Palestinians what they want, (some just want to kill Israelis) and what Israelis want (some just want to kill Palestinians or oppress them) but the reality of this world is harsh, burying our heads in the sand about it won’t help nor selfishly supporting blind hatred and prejudice. You kill mine I kill yours not gonna work, that won’t end until all are dead.

    • MEME
      October 14, 2023

      @Help us Lord
      Terrorist my foot!!! Those people are fighting for decades to get themselves off Israel’s stranglehold. They are freedom fighters!!

      • Brain Damage
        October 16, 2023

        @Meme, freedom fighters my toe.
        ISIS, Hesbola, Hamas are all ” Mem Bet, Mem Pwel” . Criminals who are out to kill all Jews and Americans…

    • Raj Raheem
      October 15, 2023

      Your prayer is late. That Train has already left the Station. Here in Dominica we don’t know who is who. I use to walk in Roseau and recognize people; now all I see are strangers – Strange looking people. And whenever I board a bus they speak languages that I don’t understand. If they say, “let’s blow up this bus” I’m not able to make my escape because I don’t have a clue what’s going on. So that how the evil one has Deykalay Dominica. So direct your prayers against the Evil scum bag.

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