POEM: Honouring Our Ancestors On Emancipation Day


Our ancestors were taken by force, out of their native land

Many lives were lost, before reaching their destination

They were chained together, and taken to ships

As animals to the slaughter, driven by whips

For those who resisted, they jumped overboard

Not wanting to be sold, refusing to be enslaved,

 A ship that was used, carried the very symbol

Of the cross instituted, by our ancestors’ captors

As history would have it, the Jesus of Lubeck,

Was one of the ships, of a captain on deck

So sad yet so true, they were shackled together

Laid in their own filth, they were given no water

They were so forlorn, being Christianised

They were forced to conform, their spirituality was stripped,

On the auction block, they were put up for sale

Considered as livestock, without any choice,

Families were separated, against their own will

They were given new names, and new languages

To the fields they were taken, working hard in the sun

Their norm was forsaken, as master pointed the gun

The blood of our ancestors, was spilled to the ground,

They were given no mercy, many did not utter a sound

A people so strong, always so resilient

Who committed no wrong, yet were met with contempt

In spite of their struggles, they determined to be

The world’s great warriors, fighting  to be free

They have gone on before, but their spirit  so alive

We are reassured, their history is our drive

So let’s display the talent, they passed on to us

We should not relent, a history so precious!

Today as we commemorate, the freedom they fought for

Let’s not negate, their legacy we’ll keep to the core!!!!!!!!


Marcellina Angol John

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  1. Dr Clayton Shillingford
    August 5, 2020

    I hope Parry did not repeat that Africans sold their brothers and sisters in attempt to excuse the evil history of slavery and shift blame to black people…I hope the reparations matter was pushed

    • out of south city
      August 6, 2020

      He sure did. I just see Parry as a fruit of his ancestors. He absolutely has no knowledge of African history. He just was not a fit for such a discussion. He needs to educate himself and that I don’t think he’ll do since he does not have that interested. I agreed with the caller who said that Dr. Bernard Wiltshire would have been a better moderator for such a topic.


  2. out of south city
    August 3, 2020

    I listened to the panel discussion yesterday, which Mr. Parry Bellot moderated and I just want to say that he was so ill informed about African history. One of the panelists spoke about the Berlin Conference and how the Europeans divided Africa up and he, Parry, said that “it’s not true.” I also heard a caller refuting what he said and he said maybe he did not use the right words. My question is, how can someone, who has no knowledge of African history be a moderator in that regard? That was a SHAME. Instead of defending his descendants, he should have allowed the guests to share their knowledge. I take my hat off to the panelists who should have been given more time to share their knowledge despite the fact that Parry did most of the talking.
    To know who we truly are, we need to know our history and it did not start in the Caribbean. We have a long way to go as far as shaking off the shackles of MENTAL slavery off our oppressed minds.

  3. Cane&Abel
    August 2, 2020

    The pm should answer this,today workers do two hours work for $40. four hours work and get paid for 8 hours.get your priorities right,under the sweat of thy brow thus shall live. Reparation pay what you owe and then complaine.

    • Just asking
      August 4, 2020

      Oh uh, JJ and Elizabeth coming as cane&abel now…. where dat one come out na? There should be a minimum education requirement on DNO.

  4. Annon
    August 2, 2020

    Wow deep, preach baby preach. That was some carnage, felt to this day.

  5. Cane&Abel
    August 2, 2020

    An article of such yet you make no recommendations. Those who were silent and obey rules, guidance and follow procedures, live for over century. They got married and raise a large family. The others who jumped overboard and chained, raised fatherless children and short lived. It all started with blacks on black. The ancestors should come back and said, they did not suffer in vain but, most of us let them down. In police cells they do the business. Relatives killed and murdered each other. Example, you have a group of fifteen people in a gang doing some work,10 whites and 5 blacks. The five blacks left the job at 1pm ,the white stayed until 4 pm. On pay day, the blacks said ,how come the whites got more money than us and we are doing the same job. No one takes the time to investigate, oh because they are white. Rules were made before us. We have the holy bible then Leviticus. Education is the KEY.

    • Gone are the days
      August 4, 2020

      @Came&abel..Your brain farted again, several in a row now. It’s easy to tell when one is on white people drug of choice, meth.
      Now due to your white privilege you will get treated as an opioids epidemic instead of prison time like the same lazy blacks you characterized.

  6. Awoken
    August 1, 2020

    Thanks for the reminder of the reality of our story. This emancipation story or history should be a continuous segment/ subject in our primary and secondary schools to remember the heroes who fought for our freedom whether its from slavery, colonial rule or mental bondage. This would then help the african child understand self, purpose/ mission to ensure that these events never befall us again. How do you learn black history from a white man. He can never guide you as an African except to be docile and thus calm the rage in you to remain in your shackles. Wake up Africans and be proud of your home Alkebulan(Africa) mother of mankind.

    • Next level
      August 4, 2020

      Nice work Awoken, Black history be taught in all our schools, like Jewish history is taught in ALL Jewish schools.
      Hey Alkebulan was a word a Dutch writer came up with to mean Garden of Eden or Mother of Mankind. Some scholars say it was that same white guy Africanus who said it.
      Research Dr. Kaba Kamene an archeologist, who is also Black (we have to tell our own history as no one else will) for insights as he and others have unearthed many instances where “Kush” was used to refer to the areas south and west of Kemet (Egypt) on walls of temples and pyramids. But that is an exercise for much later after we (or Grand Kids) have freed that continent and our minds from europe. It will be tough but this has to be done unapologetically.

      • out of south city
        August 7, 2020

        Yes, my brother, keep up with the research. If we don’t do so, no one else will do that for us and we won’t have a legacy to leave for our children. There is so much research that has been and is being done by the greats like Dr. Ben Yochannan, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Amos Wilson, Professor James Smalls, Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene, Dr. Edward Scobie (our own son of the soil), Dr. Ivan Van Sertima (Guyana), Dr. Walter Rodney, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and so many more. There is no excuse!!!!!!


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