Police officer arrested and charged under Sexual Offenses Act

A police officer has been arrested and was charged yesterday under the Sexual Offenses Act.

The individual appeared in court and was bailed under the following conditions: he was asked to surrender his passport, stay out of trouble with the law and stay away from the virtual complainant and witnesses in the case.

Due to the sensitive nature of the case, DNO is unable to provide the names of the accused or complainant.

The Dominica Sexual Offenses Act  part 2 section 38 effectively prohibits media from publishing information that may identify either the accused or complainant while the case is ongoing – in a small society, the victim could be identified via association with the accused.

DNO will provide further appropriate details as soon as they are available.

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  1. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    March 4, 2020

    “Bwa-Banday” this for you!
    “A police officer has been arrested and was charged yesterday under the Sexual Offenses Act. ”

    We however, are  not informed of a specific sexual offense; whether  it is rape or any other.
    If it is a matter of rape perpetrated on child, that is not difficult to prove because once penetration is involved, that cannot be reversed, and does not require a medical doctor to verify the same.

    Now, a sexual act can be anything from touching a child or adult inappropriately; (groping) for that matter is a sexual offense.

    Let me say this, if this person sexually assaulted a child; most certainly the penalty should be severe!

    Rape and sexual assaults are too prevalent in Dominica; compounded with sexual willing promiscuity: while this guy may be loosing his job, and reputation, there are others who are involved in the sexual crimes in the country, they were arrested, admitted to the sexual crime they committed; yet they are walking free and are…

    • Bwa-Banday
      March 4, 2020

      Sir / madam, be informed that I know a “little more” than you do :mrgreen: . So be guided accordingly 8)

  2. I said what I said
    March 4, 2020

    I know the DNO lunch mob will come for me but I don’t care. Alot of people are here commenting like they were there when the alleged incident took place. I don’t know if the police is a criminal or the child is a liar. You can’t put your hand in fire for people period, not for your spouse or child. I’ll just wait to see how this plays out.

    • I said what I said
      March 4, 2020

      I meant lynch mob.

      I’ll have to ramble on to meet the minimum word requirement in order for this to be posted

  3. Paskie
    March 4, 2020

    Well well well. If and when this guy gets prosecuted and hopefully goes to jail for his crime, I hope he never drops the soap 🧼 up there 😂 . Cause I believe they’ll make a feast out of this boy up there. 🤣

  4. 72nationsshallallbowuntoHIM
    March 4, 2020

    The police need to undergo psychological evaluations but an external non biased source. We have too many psychopaths and rapists wearing black and blue.

  5. Concern
    March 3, 2020

    Shame, shame, shame

    March 3, 2020

    what a let down for the force,we know they a lazy and incompetent,but sexual offence with so many loose women about, i am feeling sorry for the victim and not him.Too sensitive,hope she is not a step father.

    • Me
      March 4, 2020

      A “she” can never be a stepfather unless it is a transexual and even that would be debatable.

  7. unsaid
    March 3, 2020

    I Know the person but won’t say his name however I am very DISAPPOINTED in him!! you are a father, husband and plus a POLICE OFFICER! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO AN INNOCENT CHILD! YOU SUPPOSED TO PROTECT AND SEVERE! Idk why these men act like animals! you been in the force for yearsss ! you know the consequences of your actions.

  8. 72nationsshallallbowuntoHIM
    March 3, 2020

    At least they got one. You may not know but a lot of these officers are predators and psychopaths. Ive head many say the most outlandish things. In dominica they are not screened psychologically. they let almost anyone become one. Another matter id like to ask about. Is buggery still a crime in Dominica? If so, why are openly gay men being hired as police officers? Would the commissioner hire known drug dealers and other kinds of questionable people? You are employing criminals.

  9. Bwa-Banday
    March 3, 2020

    Not here to bash or promote the police. However it appears to me that while others are committing bold face crimes and walking free we are arresting our officers even with the slightest hint of a complaint. I am concerned that so many police officers are being arrested these days. Is this reflective of the poor recruitment process we have adopted over the years? Is it because the Chief and his command staff is so hell bend on “appearing to be good” after so many mistakes that their rank and file is ripe for the pickings? I am always concerned when someone is arrested for these types of crimes because even when found not guilty they are tainted for life.

    Having said that, its high time that the police high command go on a campaign of “internal review” and identify weaknesses so as to continuously have refresher courses on the sexual offense act, theft act etc. Just too many officers are getting arrested these days and its not making the force look good.

  10. look it
    March 3, 2020

    This officer was very unlucky,thanks to the organisation. These underage children been suffering in silence for too long and the parents don’t support,most of the time they go out of court arrangements.Now the children have people who will lisson to them.

  11. Wrong is wrong
    March 3, 2020

    The culture in Dominica is so bad these days that nothing shocks me. In as much as I am happy someone is charged but I bet you had it been someone above him , someone we elect to lead us that had committed that evil he would not even be charged and most of us especially the religious body would say it’s a rumour and no one would even care to investigate it let alone make an arrest and charged. These are the things that killing us because Baby Sarah and captain Bruce doing far worse but they getting away as heroes. But the law should be there for all you hypocrites

  12. Remember Baby Sarah?
    March 3, 2020

    Our law makers are our leading abusers so no surprised if those responsible to protect our people are being abused. Jesus said it this way: “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit. Matthew 12:33

    • Remember Baby Sarah?
      March 3, 2020

      Sorry I made a typo error. Here is what I meant to say :
      Our law makers are our leading abusers so no surprised if those responsible to protect the law are abusers as well. It’s like monkey see monkey do

  13. Henry
    March 3, 2020

    This was a long time coming. In Dominica the persons charged with protecting the citizens are very often the abusers. What a country, what a leader…! My country is on a steep downward spiral and I doubt this can be stoped now. The last chance passed in December. You all made your bed, now sleep in it!!!!!

    • boto
      March 3, 2020

      Come-on now, this thing with the Police has been going as far as I can remember in Dominica. It is time you respect the voice and decision of the majority of the people of Dominica. The elections as obsrved by foreign countries was fair, and the DLP won by a landslide. Dominican has decided who governs the country for the next five years – you need to fall in line and Work For the Betterment of Dominica. All hands must be on deck for our country to progress, whether you voted for or not for the ruling Party – ITS YOUR GOVERNMENT as well as ours. Be Dominican. We all face the music together, Now, are you gonna dance or not? THUMBS DOWN on your comment!

      • Wendy M
        March 3, 2020

        What the previous writer stated is based in fact, albeit not necessarily political. Adults with monetary clout or social status do abuse their power and in many instances pay off/threaten the abused. I have read this topic several times on DNO. The topic is highlighted at certain times of the year when addressed by WHO, Social workers etc. It’s a global problem that needs to be exposed more. I remember as a child that a man named Rupert in Lagon showed me his erect penis summoning me to “come” to him. I remember a man at the PMH Lab. putting his hand down my Convent High School blouse and his tongue in my mouth while my mother waited for me outside. I remember a certain dentist gesturing with his tongue to me. I’m sure I’m NOT the only one with these “secrets”. Expose & shame the devil. Victims are Seapooms in Dominica while the men are respectable. I remember ALL their names but respect their living family members.

      • Hon Hyenas
        March 3, 2020

        Trust me Dominica probably has more hard criminals working at the Financial Center, the ministry, Treasury and police headquarters than there are criminals at the State prison. Just that some are dressed in a uniform and some have nice titles while those in stockfarm are are just those we all know as criminals

      • Henry
        March 3, 2020

        Wrong! It’s not my government and it will never be as long the head of this government is a …..and serial liar. I’m old school and values do matter to me very much. So, boto, if you want to speak speak for yourself. I have never and will never identify myself with gangsters!

      • viewsexpressed
        March 4, 2020

        Boto, Parents and extended families abuse children within the family. Some go as far to pay the mother who is not employed and with no money income, while the father is what we refer to as absenteeism, although she shouldn`t. There is a Welfare Division whose role is to protect, mainly the children and advise the family and parents in supporting her in her time of suffering, no jobs and no money. The Abusive Red Clinic has no role in this, Period, so failed Skerrit must keep away. However, there is no excuse to abuse and bring children into these abusive environment encouraged by desperate parents for cash as these big boys likely to offer money for their sexual joys with the mother and her obvious desperate money with her child to care for and feed. Mothers be firm, father take responsibility of your children. extended family members, for example Grandmother, Grandfather, uncles, aunts, Play Your Role as this important Extended family Unit. Crucial for the upbringing children. Yes!

        • Me One
          March 4, 2020

          Views Expressed you are not mature enough to hold a job, the job you are vieing for is held by Rosvellte Skeritte. As a matter of fact you were deported from Antigua because of your immunity.

      • Own Mind
        March 4, 2020

        If is one thing….we hypocrite and bold face eh!?!
        You really believe your comment on fairness and voice of the majority?
        make a survey and you will realize what the majority really think and want.

        it is time we be honest and say it as it is. Out-right, Bold Faced Robbery!!!!!

      • Toto
        March 4, 2020

        Let me tell you one thing Boto. The election is not over by a long shot. Embers left glowing that will flare up sooner or later because people have not forgotten ,less stil forgiven. They say elephant never forgets but humans memory better still especially when they have been wronged.

    • MMB
      March 3, 2020

      This has nothing to do with the leader of the country, this happens the world over not just in Dominica. People all over the world abuse their power so the leader can’t be blamed for everything, people must take responsibility for their own actions. BON!

      • Green Mountain
        March 3, 2020

        If the leader of a country is a gangster, he clearly is a bad example for the citizens. If the Minister of National Security and his colleagues are not squeaky clean either than the entire country is in trouble.

      • March 4, 2020

        @MMB, you are so right! It seems to me that Dominicans are living in a World of their own, there is nothing outside of the World as far as they are concerned.

        So one man is the Primary Leader of that World, and he must be blamed for everything that goes wrong among the people–it is like he is a “god” who can see, hear, and control all that is happening in that “One-World”, regardless of the location–that conception in the minds of Dominicans is very naive and disgustingly foolish!

        There is a World outside of Dominica, where people live that same lifestyle, where laws are disobeyed, contentions caused division, and crimes are everywhere.

        I am not saying that the Laws of the Land doesn’t need to be stricter, but for everyone and every group regardless of who they are.

        In December 2019, everyone knows that crimes were committed, but up until today those involved are walking free. Sir Henry, above, is quiet about that situation in his comment.

        • RoRo
          March 4, 2020

          You are not one little bit qualified to comment on issues like this. You are bias towards that gangster that calls himself PM of this country. You are one of the biggest hypocrites this country ever produced. Shame on you for supporting this government and it’s double standards.

      • viewsexpressed
        March 4, 2020

        MMB, this has everything to do with The Leader, with our failed incompetent Skerrit, that Tramp Trump, the corrupted Presidents in Africa and South Africa, these failed immature leaders who fly all over the world with our money) fleecing their respective states` funds and have their people in poverty, like we experienced in Dominica, through the abusive Red Clinic, using states funds to buy peoples` votes where Haiti is in deep poverty and inexperienced Leader.
        Two failed immature, incompetent countries in the Caribbean, Domininca & Haiti. Shame on Skerrit and “Baby Doc. Failures
        Dominica has decided who governs the country for the next five years – you need to fall in line and Work For the Betterment of Dominica. All hands must be on deck for our country to progress, whether you voted for or not for the ruling Party – IT`S OUR GOVERNMENT- and its our country to protect. Be Dominican first. We all face the music together, Now, are you gonna dance or not? THUMBS DOWN on your…

        • Thanks
          March 4, 2020

          Views expressed get a life! Immaturity begins with Lexon Linton who cannot accomplish anything, but yap yap and daydream. I ❤️ 💕 My Dominica.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        March 4, 2020

        It is not true that leaders all over the world abuse their power; I do not know where you got such ideas.

        You saw recently they impeached Donald Trump; there is no question, had it not be because a corrupted Senate refused to convict him and kick him out of office, he would not still be in his job with absolutely no remorse, still behaving recklessly.

        Normally, Communists dictators such as they have in China, Cuba, and other totalitarian leaders as in Venezuela tends to abuse their power!

        Nevertheless, in some countries that is a serious offense which cause such abusers to be overthrown out of office.

        We experience such on the continent of Africa so very often!

        Roosevelt has long abused his power, he kicks people around, he lies, he does not know the truth from fiction; the man believes his lies after he spreads it.

        He tell a lie, and when it reverberates to him; he believes it, not knowing he’s the originator!

    • Is So
      March 3, 2020

      Henry, you need to shut the back door! If you cannot make a valuable contribution, then stay quiet. What country on the face of the earth you don’t find police officers not abusing their power? To the victim and family be strong.

      • Karlo
        March 4, 2020

        It happens in most countries but one thing happens in Dominica that doesn’t happen anywhere else – similar abusers are sitting high up in the government building and pretend if asked by journalists that they are outraged but they will for obvious reasons not do anything about it!!! Poor Sarah…

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