Preliminary electors list available in polling districts across the country

Chief Elections Officer Ian Michael Anthony

Download (PDF, 180KB)

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  1. Ibo France
    October 21, 2019

    I honestly hope that Melissa gets a severe thumping at the polls. The lady is profoundly unqualified for elected politics. Passing bills, making laws that affect the everyday lives of the citizens and residents of the country is a serious responsibility, it’s not a Fashion Show. The great majority of Dominicans do not want a dynasty. I have asked multiple times, what are Melissa’s qualifications to becoming a parliamentarian? What are her prior work experiences like? What portfolio can she manage? Parliament is not a jewelry store. It calls for serious debate not glamour. Nepotism in government should be frowned on and adamantly rejected.

  2. candid
    October 20, 2019

    suppose we use the common sense we were born with. THE CHRIST was a teacher and was crucified for telling the truth. The hurricane was a lesson for us all. Some ran away. The election is a second lesson. Any supporter of UWP holding position after the election should be sacked because their company wont make a profit. A farmer don’t begin to harvest until nine months, then get to know, customers and people is high places and then prosper. The longer you stay in position is the more you learn. In thick and thin DLP stick it out. What is it going to be like to start from the beginning again. In a democrazy country the people will decide.
    Lay lay lay boar and prosper.

  3. As I see it
    October 18, 2019

    Dominica is like a house sitting on a foundation that was badly compromised and though the man of the house knows is very bad and will collapse anytime, yet he will not repair it but instead he keeps painting the house to make it look attractive while he tries to move his family out of danger and tries to sell the bad foundation house. Dominica is that house with a very bad foundation and Skerrit is that man. Skerrit knows it’s just a matter of time before everything crashes down so all he does is make Da look good on surface, knowing very well that trouble is ahead. So he secured his family citizenship for in case he not in power they have somewhere to run to and millions on their account, while he is bringing down enough Haitians and Chinese to throw us out. Alk you think the so called new houses he building there is for all you? Just let him win the next election so he could become president and makes his wife Melissa PM and all you will see if all you have house. He Must go!!!

  4. DAPossieMasse
    October 18, 2019

    If there is no Election reform before elections are called, then forget all the nonsensical fake news about violence nonsense by the apparent ‘KOOL’OUT KINGS like Man bites dogs, ibo France, and particularly by Joseph John, who responded to me with “Sir, this is no empty threat……” The people should protest each polling station and shutdown everyone across the country. Do not allow anyone in any polling station, and use protest to accomplish this feat, no matter what the KOOLOUT KINGS believe.

    How can a government be so disrespectful to a people, as they have done especially when Skeritt said no law can stop him in the country? And not claiming an election reform report is not applicable because it does not fit into their cheating plans.

    • viewsexpressed
      October 21, 2019

      “How can a government be so disrespectful to a people, as they have done especially when Skerrit said no law can stop him in the country? And not claiming an election reform report is not applicable because it does not fit into their cheating plans”.
      Thanks for this comentary. Well poised, written & received. Our people must read all commentaries and undergo some level of comparative study to gain knowledge as to where our socio-political advancement is either taking place or is being rotten and devious by this failed Skerrit Lead incompetent corrupted Labour government under this failed Skerrit and blind ministers within this corrupt Labour government. Our Dominica will never development as long as failed immature Skerrit is Prime (Odd) Minister. This Labour Party and government are failures to our nation, our people and most importantly our socio-economic development, that failed Skerrit and his useless failed Labour government has reduced our people t the Red Clinic beggars…

  5. Ibo France
    October 18, 2019

    These people who man the Electoral System sell their souls to satanic forces. Your conscience is the place where God dwells in you. It’s quite apparent that those imposters at the helm of the Electoral Commission have no conscience. They are the enablers of Skerrit’s corruption and evil. Money is God for them.

    • DAPossieMasse
      October 18, 2019

      There seems to be masquerading ibo France and Ibo France. One with lowercase i and the other with upper I. I was reference the lower case i.

  6. Waiting for Airport
    October 18, 2019

    What everybody have to do is go with their camera phone to inspect that list. Anybody that dead, have two name, not suppose to be on the list etc , take a picture and share it on social media for all to see. In the meantime, the airport all you promise the day after election 2014, where it?

    • Joseph John
      October 18, 2019

      Good idea. Also if you notice any discrepancy bring it to the attention of the Electoral Commission. If your name is not on the list or if it in the wrong polling area bring it up. Then publish everything as you suggested, but also on DNO and Q95.
      As for the airport it will come when it will come. But keep asking about it as a reminder of the promise to build.
      The development of Dominica hinge on this state of the art airport. I just hope it will start before election.

  7. viewsexpressed
    October 18, 2019

    “Chief Elections Officer Ian Michael Anthony”. I am indeed happy to hear this. I am hoping that this corrupt Labour government has no influence nor interruption in your work as a professional Civil Servant who holds this important position and that Skerrit and his bunch of clowns are in no way will want to influence you. Please kick that dirty corrupted labour government away from you. This government is poisoness and a fake and have betrayed us, we the people of Dominica. Labour.

  8. Pipo
    October 18, 2019

    Thank you Sir, but if we, the citizens have to check the validity of the voters list what do we have an independent Election Committee for? I presume they get a stipend for being on that committee? Sounds to me they dont trust their own input.

  9. Iamanidiot
    October 18, 2019

    This “List” business is trash, we in 2019. You have people manually registering on a piece of paper, if you registering someone and you turn them away because they haven’t lived somewhere for enough time.
    A few hours later you’re gonna get a call on your phone which goes like “What you doing? Register So and So right now!” (End of call).
    This is not fair, and the only reason they will not give voters cards or reform is because they want the ability to be able to do that. Lets say you dont register someone because it’s wrong. What will they do? Simply get someone else to do it and say you “hate” the government. Even if government should have NO say in that.

    Then Francin Baron will be vex cause the gentleman said election not free and fair. I mean no body have a gun to your head to vote for X, you not changing votes on a ballot, but that doesnt mean it’s fair. There is 100 ways this system can be and is being exploited, so why do you want to fight to declare it as fair?

  10. Iamanidiot
    October 18, 2019

    Why the list cannot be online? It’s 2019, Government going on an on “Oh paper lets not use paper” blah blah blah. Yet I cant stay at my home and access the list, have to go some place and check a paper.

    • Joseph John
      October 18, 2019

      Yes it could also be online. So if you are not registered just send a message online and they should fix it.

  11. Men or mice?
    October 18, 2019

    Sir, who are you talking to? Didn’t you hear we want electoral reform? I am disappointed in you.
    What has happened to our men in this country, I wonder if they still have all their male parts. You are waiting for women to solve issues in Dominica?

    • Joseph John
      October 19, 2019

      So if you want it that bad just take it. You vex because you cannot bully your aspiration on the silent massive majority. When we say we do not care one way or the other there is nothing you can do but talk, talk and more talk like your 5th grade leaders.

  12. Bad Demons
    October 18, 2019

    You remember in Matthew 17:21, in reference to some bad demons the disciples of Jesus couldn’t cast out and when they asked Jesus why they couldn’t? Here is the answer Jesus gave “This kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”
    What we have in office today is far worse than those bad demons and this kinds of demons will not go out by general election results. Like it or not and believe it or not but the truth is, these kind of demons will only go out when we line up from Roseau to Portsmouth and from Portsmouth to the Melville hall airport. Is when they see us like grasshoppers for multitude for 2 to 3 days everyone of these demons will flee from us. We need our good police officers, nurses, doctors, bus drivers, fishers, fire officers, farmers, port workers, office workers, Domlec, public servants and unions, teachers, Dowasco and everyone to join us in line and live those demons by themselves without being able to go home until they all join us and announce they fleeing

  13. Wrong is wrong
    October 17, 2019

    The bottom line is the should be no election without comprehensive reform and by comprehensive reform I mean everything must change. Starting with Charles Savrine he must go because in a close election he will go for his $30k a month salary. Skerrit and his entire cabinet must go. The election commissioner Mr. Burton, Lawrence, Mr. Williams and the other DlP rascal must go. That Michael Anthony guy must go and go real far out of Dominica. Daniel Carbon and all his inspectors and deputy Commissioner must go in order for me to trust anything that comes out after the election. Then since Skerrit has corrupted everything in Dominica, from church to jail I suggest we should have an interim government compromised of men and women from the OAS, to restore any resemblance of respect to our badly damaged by Skerrit country and after all things are put in place for free and fair elections and the people choose a government of their choice then the OAS team should go . Things are bad here man

  14. Let's Pretendis
    October 17, 2019

    Them boys making this thing sound so real that if one doesn’t know what is really happening they will believe Dominica is a real country in a real democracy. But please people, the honest truth is mister and them have helped Skerrit steal the election and, while UWP saying they will win they don’t realize the election has been stolen from them long time ago in Right now we just going through the motions where everyone is saying the right thing so the game of pretense could look real. But nothing is real is pretend they pretending

  15. Useless Electoral Office
    October 17, 2019

    How much progress have you made with electoral reform? How many homes have your people visited to verify the voters? So. I must verify voters for you? Since you are employing me to do your job, give me a copy of the list. I will pass for it. Ok?

  16. Boutecal
    October 17, 2019

    No election without electoral reform…

    • Joseph John
      October 18, 2019

      And you can make that demand because…..
      I say elections with or WITHOUT reform, All I want is my name on the list. If it is not I know what action to take to ensure I can practice my citizen, human and democratic rights.
      I am prepared to even take the matter to court.
      To me this is not a political matter, but a personal right matter, a matter of equal treatment.
      We can have free and fair elections without electoral reform. We have this since 1950 with adult suffrage.

  17. My COOL OUT
    October 17, 2019

    If enemies of the land were Chinese, Russians, Iranians, Haitians and Venezuelans we would be able to identify them and make them pay and move on. But when the state enemies are plantation children that grew up with you and attended school and church with you then you know how it feels.

  18. It's my damn business
    October 17, 2019

    I have lost every bit of respect I once had for mister and the entire gang of Skerrit. They will go down as members of the gang that help Skerrit destroy Dominica and we should hold them accountable for our demise.

  19. Bwa-Banday
    October 17, 2019

    Do what you all want but be reminded there SHALL be NO elections without co forming with the two basic tenets of the Joint Mission Report;
    1. A clean list
    2. Voters ID cards

    Take warning Skerrit, take warning. Ther Shall be civil disobedience of massive proportions that neither Corbette, Carbon, Valarie of their guns and teargas bearing goons will be able to stop. I am again warning that Dominicans are fed up and will not take this disrespect laying down .😎😎😎😎😎

    • Jeff
      October 17, 2019

      You can,say that again.. if all think is a joke that there .. call election.. CNN Aljazeera BBC must reach Dominica this time!! E LECTION NOT CALLING IN THAT COUNTRY WITHOUT ID CARDS AND REFORM.. ALL YOU LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ALL YOU CANNOT HANDLE..

      • Joseph John
        October 18, 2019

        We can handle anything you have and more, so bring it on. You guys think we are afraid of you, well expect retaliation. No one is going to stay down and let you walk all over them like a door mat. Massa day done, bullying days done.

        • Ibo France
          October 21, 2019

          Joseph John, there is a limit to everything. A man can take so much and no more. People’s patience is being severely tested with the corrupt practices of the Skerrit- led Administration. Why welcome a confrontation when you can simply embrace the suggested innocuous reforms and avoid any form of civil unrest? Prevention is always better than cure. A stitch in time saves nine. Be forewarned.

    • Da to the bone
      October 18, 2019

      Rubbish election date soon continue to dream

  20. Alibaba and his forty thieves
    October 17, 2019

    I don’t know how UWP think they stand a chance to win when they know for a fact that Alibaba and his forty thieves have moved a significant number of voters from the Vieille case constituency to Roseau Central, many from other labor strong holes have moved from where they voted in 2014 to now Roseau North, South and Central while they beef up their numbers in other constituencies that were close last election. Alibaba has already stated that he wants all 21seats and therefore no matter what Linton and the UWP do, Alibaba and his forty thieves have put everything in place to steal the election and steal all 21 seats.

    • Frank N Stein
      October 18, 2019

      So skerrit will lose and Melissa will win :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: what a ting

  21. Alibaba and his forty thieves
    October 17, 2019

    Alibaba and his forty thieves have put everything in place to steal the election and therefore Linton and the UWP would be wasting their time to even contest. It’s like West Indies going to play against India knowing that ICC have already put everything in place to ensure a victory for India. This election result is already stolen before polling day is announced and therefore the way I see it is if UWP contests they can’t win because Alibaba and his forty thieves have already bought the result; if they don’t contest Alibaba and his forty thieves have already bought the result. SO my advise to USP is stay away and let Alibaba and his forty thieves go through their theft practice, knowing that the result will not be accented by the OAS, the Commonwealth and CARICOM, so Alibaba can face a little of what Maduro and friends facing in Venezuela. NO REFORM NO DAMN ELECTION

    • Joseph John
      October 18, 2019

      I thought uwp were going to boycott this election, then make noise about free and fair election, and election reform . Boy look jokes. They like a jou ouvert gang, very funny.

  22. ibo france
    October 17, 2019

    This is blatant disrespect and disregard for the private sector, the clergy, the parliamentary opposition, the Commonwealth, the OAS, CARICOM and most of all the general population of Dominica. Dominica is governed by a rogue regime immortally afraid of international acceptable norms. People, Roseau and its environs must come to a standstill by the show of force, no violence, by the people. Puerto Rico has given the rest of the Caribbean the blueprint. Understand this brothers and sisters. Many acts of corruption have taken place in the Skerrit-led regime. With a change of government, many will have to serve long prison sentences for their plundering of the country’s financial resources. To avoid this, the regime is stubbornly resistant to any sort of electoral reforms that will bring about a level playing field. They just cannot chance it. It’s all up to the people now to demonstrate en masse, just like the Puerto Ricans, until these corrupt rotten eggs exit office.

  23. JAH KAL
    October 17, 2019

    Way de 1.2 billion we getting before ellection ?

  24. viewsexpressed
    October 17, 2019

    “Chief Elections Officer Ian Michael Anthony”. I am indeed happy to hear this. I am hoping that this corrupt Labour government has no influence nor interruption in your work as a professional Civil Servant who holds this important position and that Skerrit and his bunch of clowns are in no way will want to influence you. Please kick that dirty corrupted labour government away from you. This government is poisoness and a fake and have betrayed us, we the people of Dominica. Labour government and failed so called prime Minister Skerrit has corrupted our Dominica, our political system, our government and its resources and the abuse of states funds through the Bobol Clinic, having poor people quing up for money from failed Skerrit, rather than initiating jobs through agriculture etc for them. Skerrit has our people begging at his office for states cash that may not be accounted for.
    We desperately need a change of government and we need a credible leader as Prime Minister, Hon…

  25. %
    October 17, 2019

    Man if you cannot talk to people about reform, why not shut up!

  26. Kalinago Justice
    October 17, 2019

    :?: Have you all sanitised the voters list :?: Are you involved in concocting another fraudulent elections :?:

  27. dissident
    October 17, 2019

    i have lost all respect for u and de electoral commission
    this move does not coincide with the advice from OAS, CARICOM AND COMMONWEALTH SECRETARIAT

    that on it’s own cannot guarantee us fair elections

    i waiting to see your announcement on de status of id’s for voting……..if it doesn’t happen soon then you and de chairman of de electoral commission are BOGUS FAKES

    Ian can you imagine de report that will come from de election observers?
    and we will point fingers at you and Burton

    you have a long way to go for respect sake

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