Protesters threaten to do whatever possible to stop upcoming by-election if their concerns are not addressed

Protesters gather in front of Dominica Electoral Commission Office on Jewel Street

As the community of Grand Bay prepares for the upcoming by-election which will be held tomorrow ,November 25, a few Grandbarians with the support of other citizens are letting it be known that if their demands for a review of the nominated candidates aren’t met, they will do “whatever it takes,” to stop the by-elections.

Yesterday, the protestors gathered outside of the electoral commission office, voicing their concerns over what they claim to be the ineligibility and illegality of Vince Henderson’s, candidacy.

Henderson who is the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) candidate in the upcoming Grand Bay by-election is one of three candidates in the race vying to fill the vacant position following the passing of the former Parliamentary Representative for that constituency Edward Registe on September 1, 2021.

His candidacy came under question as he has been accused publicly by the leader of the UWP and several different sources of not tendering his resignation as the Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Dominica to the United States of America (USA) and the Organization of American States (OAS).

According to one of the protesters known in the community as Lion, “there will not be an election in Grand Bay, because we’re going to stand. Unless Vince can show us proof that he has resigned as  an ambassador there will not be an election, because we are  not going to take that easy.”

He and others encouraged other citizens to join together as he said they were going to “disrupt the election in Grand Bay on Thursday.”

A letter bearing the signature of  Loftus Durand, Artherton Martin, Judith Pestina and Dr Irvin Pascal has also been sent to the Chairman of the electoral commission Duncan Stowe expressing concerns about the legality of the nomination process, leading up to the by-elections.

According to the protestors, they were assured that the commission would respond to their letter by midday. With no word from the commission, they moved their action into the city of Roseau outside the offices of electoral commissioners, attorney at law Alick Lawrence, Lennox Lawrence and then to ,chairman of the electoral commission, Duncan Stowe‘s office.

During the gathering, Martin revealed the concerns that were raised in that letter were supported by documentation from the OAS Secretariat in Washington, DC, which confirmed that Henderson had improperly stated the situation in the statutory declaration as part of the nominations process.

“It appears that the person we know as Ambassador Henderson is still Ambassador Henderson, still in the employ of the state of Dominica, and still in receipt of emoluments under that arrangement, under that contract with the state, and as a result of that cannot be an eligible candidate for election, whether it be local elections, national elections, or as in this case, a by-election,” he declared. “So, in fact, Henderson has told a lie, he has offered an untruth. The statement of his statutory declaration, part of his nomination process is improper, is untrue. And as a result, he needs to be removed from the list of candidates.”

Martin further added that they have taken the “very soft, a very gentle and kind approach,” by writing to the commission on November 22, 2021,  but believes that time is running out and action can only now be taken by the people of Grand Bay.

“The people of Grand Bay know what they have to do and I can assure them, that people like myself, and the other signatories of that letter will be firmly along with them on the journey and the option that they decide to take whatever it is, as long as it is not an option that’s going to compromise your principles, your ethics, your heritage of the struggling people are the brave warrior people. As long as it is not something that will break down, you could be assured that you have our support,” he said.

Dominica News Online (DNO) has since learnt that the protesters intend on gathering in the community of Grand Bay this evening where their protest actions will continue.

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  1. Lin clown
    November 25, 2021

    A bunch of power hungry people who have wasted their time.They act like the only ones who read and understand the constitution.
    we LABOURITES have all 111 pages of the constitution,it is like the bible to us,it is our pillow.These AHOLES did not learn from the beating they got from SEC.32(1)(a) on page 39 of the constitution.They(UWP) are always interpreting the constitution their way.I hope their lawyers charge them $5,000,000 for representation,they have the money they will pay.

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  2. En Ba La
    November 24, 2021

    Grand Bay people should be smart and not allow them to be used. The fact that Grand Bay people have had a BAD name and today they want to use it against them and for the groups own purpose.

    These people are trying their best to destabilize a democracy and they should rethink their strategy. Their behavior is questionable.

    What is up with getting nominated, campaigning and then staging a protest to obstruct the democratic process that you entered. What is up with this?

    The same “No elections without electoral reform” strategy.

    What needs that they want met? Are they trying to USE GRAND BAY people to get the needs that the UWP and others have met? How can these guys do this? These people call Dominicans and Grand Bay people stupid online so much – this is one of the reasons for backing off. Poor Strategy being used right there on the day before the elections.

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  3. our Sisserou laying Eggs
    November 24, 2021

    if he has not yet withdrawn from his position as ambassador he is absolutely in breach of the law of Dominica, and thereby unfit to contest the upcoming by-elections. if he proceeds, his actions will constitute one of illegality. he should in no way do such. And if the Grandbarians allow this to happen in their own village, then it’s best you all change your name from grand bay to Minor bay.

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  4. En Ba La
    November 24, 2021

    All I know is that I know what is going on and I am in there and I am not participating. The intelligence community should be panicking. It was played out for me otherwise I would have had a much more difficult time in writing this here and saying it on the radio.
    I have been observing this for a long time. The companies who use this for business inside and outside the US – the one I observed is coming from a mega company housing management company who is operating internationally – his employees I am saying it are out there using this – real time communication method. The CEO is using this with a MILITARY person who is trained in electronic warfare – this guy was a politician secretary of commerce in South Carolina or where he is from. I am trying to take him and his company down how it takes over people’s properties creating sunken/depressed cities.

    These people are engaging in fraudulent business practices as well as espionage. Hopefully China will check on their soil.

    • En Ba La
      November 24, 2021

      Greystar Management wherever they are operating internationally the Chinese and Russian authorities should be aware that they are committing espionage on their soil. It is hidden in the US under mental health. They are the ones utilizing it. Their personnel and civilians students on campus – I was shocked and I keep asking “what is this?” It was used to kill people at an adult family home where I worked.
      The same way Rijock used countries that did not know about money laundering – looking for small countries to do dirty deeds got caught in his country sent to prison. Today with all this concerns about the US security etc these methods of doing business/investigations are their problems today. ALL over have this thing – I am in small foreign language(Latvian) class and it is being done. I am in a large architecture class and it is being done. I was in an architecture 200 class and what happened there I was thrown out of the class – and this is how the investigation is done.

  5. En Ba La
    November 24, 2021

    The intelligence community outside should be panicking at what is going on in the US today. This is threatening the very existence of human civilization – and no one is paying attention. If I found this out do you not think that the countries that are world super powers looking at things from a military point of view know this?

    Would you all like the constituency to be governed from the USA? Having the US knowing what is going on in Dominica in REAL TIME – is a case called espionage on Dominica SOIL. That is treasonous.

    The thing about it is that – USA is playing these people – my background check on campus – tier one university was done using staff. The homeless people are utilized to investigate cases (this is wrong on all different levels already). Eventually countries are going to have to make a decision on whether to be involved with the USA. It is this bad. I am calling out. I am in Class and this what is happening in the class with professors and students

  6. En Ba La
    November 24, 2021

    This is pure nonesense. When you have Gabriel Christian and others supporting HandBag Now when after they said that they were not sending any candidate up (DFP and UWP).

    What is happening presently is using the Grand Bay people to create an uprising which is not necessary. Remember when they used to call Grand Bay people BAD. They had Grand Bay people in the BAD light for a LOOOOOONG time. Today what they are trying to do is utilize this or USE GRAND BAY people for their political gain – a POLITICAL TOY.

    Loftus Durand was the one who claimed that the state department knows what is going on in Dominica in REAL TIME. How can these people be allowed to govern or even determine who the PARL. REP for Grand Bay is? Are they even from Grand Bay?
    The OAS AGAIN, delegitimizing an election even before it is called – they again.
    They called Grand Bay people and other STUPID so many times today THERE THEY ARE. USA facing its own CRISIS –

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  7. Babel
    November 24, 2021

    Enough is Enough Enough is Enough Enough is Enough Enough is Enough. It’s As though I can hear the cries of a country God has bless, and the cry of our beloved country Dominica is falling on death ears. O how I wish men and women in Dominica would read the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. These were brave men who went up from Babylon to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem which were broken down and burned to the ground by their enemies, the Chaldeans. Now we have a similar enemy in the person of Skerrit who have broken down our boarder walls to allow foreigners and communists to Freely enter Dominica without restrictions. People, we must fight. I mean fight like L to Free this ailing country of ours. This madness has gone on for much to long. Let’s get out there and do what we must do. Skerrit is killing us and we should defend ourselves. Peace talk doesn’t seem to work. Therefore, we must gear up for what needs to be done. Our children are suffering. We look to Grand Bay to lead us out.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1
  8. Funeral Home
    November 24, 2021

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day in the Us but we in Dominica must force the government to make tomorrow a National holiday because Thursday November 25 2021 should be treated as a day of natural disaster as Hurricane Skerrit and hurricane Vince have declared war on us. Like in a hurricane, I expect roads to be blocked through out the island as trees will be falling down everywhere. So I don’t expect people to go to work. Only emergency vehicles should leave home

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  9. Funeral Home
    November 24, 2021

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day in the Us but we in Dominica must force the government to make tomorrow a National holiday because Thursday November 25 2021 should be treated as a day of natural disaster as Hurricane Skerrit and hurricane Vince have declared war on us. Like in a hurricane, I expect roads to be blocked through out the island as trees will be falling down everywhere. So I don’t expect people to go to work. Only emergency vehicles should pass Justin case of emergency

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  10. Ibo France
    November 24, 2021

    Skerrit and his surrogates will never allow truth to prevail. The DLP is comprised of hardcore, unrepentant liars, rogues and hoodlums. Corruption is a staple diet for them.

    The hierarchy of the ruling autocracy feels emboldened to run rough shod over the citizens as they rely on the Death Squad to intimidate, brutalise or even try to exterminate peaceful protesters. They also use the corrupt judicial system to wrongfully jail innocent people.

    Every rope has an end. Nothing lasts forever. Karma is a **itch. Payday is around the corner. God doesn’t approve of wrong. Skerrit, you shall meet your WATERLOO and it’s not going to be pretty.

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  11. Man bites dogs
    November 24, 2021

    You arrogant bunch of losers will never stop Grand Bay people from voting ugly Lenny, is a sad old dope leading from the back into a deep hole, he doesn’t know what day is tomorrow and the meaning of By-election rules, with a nose spread across his face like that I am not surprised!

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