The deterioration of law and order in the Commonwealth of Dominica

The National Joint Action Movement (NJAM) is very concerned about the increasing deterioration of law and order in the Commonwealth of Dominica and appeals to all Dominicans to come forward to assist in stopping the carnage that is pervading the Nation.

The frightening number of murders, gun violence, child molestation, increasing anger within the population and the unfortunate disappearance of little Kernisha Etienne is sufficient reason for the population to step forward and confront the situation head-on with a united approach.

The Commonwealth of Dominica needs time for Soul Searching and Reflection to arrest this scourge that is destroying the basic fabric of our society.

In this regard NJAM is calling on the government of Dominica to join forces with the rest of the population to declare the month of August a “Time for Soul Searching and Reflection” to build public awareness against murder, gun violence, child molestation, and all other criminal acts.

As we commemorate the 184th anniversary of the abolition of slavery and the 43rd anniversary of Hurricane David during the month of August, NJAM considers it a fitting opportunity to focus on the prevailing ills that are equally destructive to our beloved nation.

NJAM, therefore, calls on the police service, the churches, the private sector, youth organizations, political parties, and the rest of the nation, to join it throughout the month of August with a series of activities to address the prevailing situation.

NJAM encourages respectful engagement with potential perpetrators and victims of crime, to pursue the cause and possible prevention, but, most importantly, to stop the carnage that the Commonwealth of Dominica is experiencing.

On Monday, August 1, Emancipation Day, NJAM will host a virtual discussion to start the month of activities which will culminate on Sunday, August 28, with a Solemnity Time for Soul Searching and Reflection Rally at the New Town Savanna.

Let’s unite to save our nation and stop the blood spilling and other social ills.

Dominica deserves better. Our children deserve a violence-free nation. Joint Action is necessary NOW more than ever.

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  1. Lin clown
    July 20, 2022

    UWP through Bwa-Banday is looking for a civil war they will lose.Melissa’s snipers is a joke,if she has any.Be warned,do not go to a beehive if you are not wearing protective gear,or if you are not learned in beekeeping.Bees can kill.

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    • Imputing Improper Motives (IIM) the Baptist
      July 20, 2022

      You can only fire from your basement in the Bronx, but you cannot return for a visit to make a meaningful contribution. Leave dat for Dominicans living in Dominica, not for illegal immigrants living in New York who own a government welfare given apartment in Dominica. It will rotten before you can live in it.

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    • Predro
      July 22, 2022

      You have several screws loose, clown. Get out of here.

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  2. Lin clown
    July 20, 2022

    Almost everybody leaving school since Skerrit became PM have 9 and 10 subjects.Some have university degrees you expect them to vote a no GCE no CXC jacka as Prime Minister?Last election Linton lost 53 votes in Marigot,Caressa lost 30.In Roseau North Lugay lost 132 votes,Isaac gained 14.Next election both Marigot and Roseau North going DLP.( awaiting moderation)

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    • Harvey
      July 24, 2022

      …because the dead were resurrected!

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  3. Lin clown
    July 20, 2022

    First,Mr.Banday DLP cannot be removed by the ballot anytime soon.And they cannot be removed by boots on the ground,so keep on dreaming.The community has ALWAYS been assisting the police.Since the UWP put a political division in the police force between 1995 and 2000,crime in Dominica has increased.The police have developed a CCC(clock,cot and calendar) attitude thanks to UWP who placed a blue puppet commissioner and deputy,after they fired commissioner Blanchard and his deputy.(awaiting moderation)

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  4. If we knew better
    July 20, 2022

    The cool out does kill all of that. People dont fid it in their best interest (money) to do what you say is needed. There is no money in that. so things will most likely remain the same. The dominicans we have today are a completely different set from yesterday. We lack ethics and values and morals, all in the pursuit of fame and riches. We know what is supposed to be done and said, but we lack integrity to do so.

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  5. Beta
    July 20, 2022

    There we go NJAM is concerned, in fact they are very concerned!!! For the record, Blackmoore is also concerned.
    And in this regard NJAM is calling on the government of Dominica to join forces with the rest of the population to declare the month of August a “Time for Soul Searching and Reflection” to build public awareness against murder, gun violence, child molestation, and all other criminal acts.
    Soul searching and reflection is NOT going to solve Dominicas many problems but the removal of the current PM and his government will solve 95% of our country’s problems. Why don’t these organisations grow some tennis balls and stop hiding in the bushes, only to release a press release occasionally but circumnavigate the main problems. Are you afraid of the ‘man in charge’.

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  6. Ibo France
    July 19, 2022

    Dominica has never experienced this astronomical tsunami of crime in the history of its independence. What is the genesis for this gargantuan crime wave?

    Here are a few of the causes: *political and social disunity *lack of employment opportunities *dysfunctional homes *corruption in government and throughout the public service *despair and hopelessness about the future among the young *glorification of ‘bad-man-ism’.

    This is a nation where EXCELLENCE is frowned on, and MEDIOCRITY is rewarded. Where a tiny minority is super rich and the vast majority is dirt poor.

    Resentment, frustration, anger, hostility, desperation together create a perfect, combustible storm. Hence the runaway violence and crime.

    The country needs new and visionary leadership. Captain can’t you see the ship is sinking. SOS now!

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    • Gary
      July 20, 2022

      Is this all you do with your time, everyday you wake up, lol, as I told you before you are possessed you do not even know it. Do you think that your vehement writing, hysterical exaggeration, distortion of facts and your obsessive hatred for the Government and The PM is the answer to violent action and sexual behavior of people. I’m not a sociologist nor psychologist, but I will tell you this, the actions of people we are seeing right now is not going to be solved by Governments, Political action, more Laws and neither it is solely the Government or Politician fault.

      The behavior we’re seeing is not exclusive to Dominica, but it has become a political convenience for you and others, it is time to grow out of this and start being mature. Are we really living in a society where excellence is frowned on, and mediocrity rewarded, look at the political leadership of the agenda you are part of and there you will see excellence is frowned on, and mediocrity rewarded.

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      • Ibo France
        July 21, 2022

        Gary, your verbose, meandering, scathing remarks lack substance. You have offered no solutions to this deadly problem. Your ad hominem attacks on me solve nothing but soothe your over-inflated , eggshell ego.

        I am not walking on any eggshell to placate you and your fellow ignoramuses. You and the DLP miscreants constantly attack me, even DNO, because the TRUTH makes you miserable.

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      • Qasim Khan
        October 16, 2022

        I was making my mind from the last few weeks to come to this small Island of population of 70 thousand.I thought that it would be managed bestly due to its little residents and was fedup from the worse law and order situation n my home country but now I stoped to carry on my planning so easily to this country after reading all this where critiscism is discourged.Dont blame critiques but try to understand their point of view.Critical people tells u to remove your mistakes who r the best sincere people instead of likng flateror.What to talk of scourging on a victim needs heeling by doing good for him r her.Sincerely.

    • July 21, 2022

      What is happening in Dominica today where violence has become rife and rampant is a world wide problem today that has trickled down to all the islands in the Caribbean. There is shooting everyday in Jamaica, Trinidad, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Barbados. Dominica is no exception. In America it is everyday and every night people get shot, in schools, in churches, in malls, on the highways. Road rage has become another problem on the streets and roads in America. You get shot if you overtake them, if you get in their lane, if you driving too slow. There is plethora of guns on the streets and people including the young ones have easy access to these guns. It is a World problem that needs to be addressed. Not just Dominica only. Guns, violence poverty, lack of education, family breakdowns, jealousy, no decent jobs, arguments, all contribute to the decadence of society today. So don’t just blame Dominica.

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      • Qasim khan
        October 16, 2022

        Gentleman America has very large population with a diverse society but it is alarming for a society of 70 thousands, Dominca whic is less than the population of a union council of any other country.Peace and justice b ensured f u want Dominca should develop and b prosper.

  7. Dr Clayton Shillingford
    July 19, 2022

    This is an urgent and necessary effort and time to address the root causes of the social, economic and political deterioration in Dominica I hope NJAM will not leave any stones unturned as they pursue engagement of the entire society ..individuuals and private and public institutions in a positive and searching manner to come up with answers for immediate implementation Dominicans need to understand if you do not pay now you will have to pay later and usually paying later is always MORE COSTLY

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    • Qasim khan
      October 16, 2022

      Dr.I appreciate your point of view.Research will find solution.All the best

  8. Bwa-Banday
    July 19, 2022

    When are you guys going to get it in your thick tete-calbass that NOTHING is going to make a difference in Dca until the DLP Cabal goes or is REMOVED from office.

    As long as the snake is alive and in the environment where if you tread on it you’ll be nastily bitten. Everyday we keep planting fig but expect to get coconuts tomorrow. And this is our problem. Too much talking and writing niceness people. We even added walking to the menu but the broth still very salty! Call on the people to hit the streets DAY & NIGHT for as long as it takes for the cabal to resign or run.

    Arthie already walkings on Wednesdays, just change it to daily and include nightly for those who can’t come in the day :twisted: . We behaving like we don’t know nothing phases Skerro. LABOUR has to to go for Dca to return to peace, love and tranquility. We can fix the police force ONLY after the CABAL goes away. Chuppppssss man!

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 27 Thumb down 5
    • Ibo France
      July 20, 2022

      You have my full endorsement. Only when this unlearned, self-centred, amoral con artist is expelled from public office would Dominica become a truly democratic, prosperous and triumphant Republic.

      Roosevelt and his hangers-on should be fully obliterated from the political landscape of Dominica. Nothing less would suffice.

      The country can become the shining light on the hill in the Caribbean if only its people wake up and wrestle the control of power from the corrupt stranglehold of this evil despot.

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  9. Man bite dogs
    July 19, 2022

    @NJAM, It does not take a brains scientist to understand where all that s**t coming from, if you pretending not to know let me explain to you guys, Look no further than ugly Lenny, and his useless workers party, plus supporters spreading violence and deterioration of law and order in the commonwealth of Dominica, I rest my case!!!!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 33
    • Ibo France
      July 20, 2022

      ‘It does not take a brains scientist’ – Are there scientists without brains?

      Instead of constantly hurling insults at productive, well accomplished citizens, go and try to read some kindergarten, picture books.
      (a for apple; b for bat; c for cat)

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3
      • Qasim khan
        October 16, 2022

        Hahaha.nice to see this comment.

  10. Jonathan Y St Jean
    July 19, 2022

    When NJAM calls on all Dominicans to assist in crime prevention my question is, assist who? The minister of National Security gives a statement saying that he’s angry and concludes that the generals and lieutenants need to be aware that they are know yet he hasn’t deployed the police to dismantle the crime syndicate. So just who is John Public going to assist? I’m sure that responsible citizens pass on whatever information they may have to the police but the tonton makoot isn’t interested in fighting crime. It seems more interested in harassing law abiding citizens like Athie and opposition operatives. What we have from this lawless cabal is the fruits they have sown. Melissa’s militia, barrels of guns disappearing from the port, government involvement in kidnapping a citizen of another OECS territory, police killing of someone in their custody, government tainting the electoral process, incompetent policing and the silence of government leaders in time of strife.

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