VIDEO: Africa’s historical influence on Asia

Afro-Asians of Japan known as Jomons believed by some to have predated the Ainu (another dark-skinned Japanese people)


African history is not just limited to the confines of the continent and “black” countries of the world but it is truly world history. Due to the effects of European colonization and imperialism, we have been conditioned to accept that world history and European history are nearly one in the same but few realize the global impact African culture has on the world from ancient times.

The video below highlights just some of the influence Africa has had on the world, in this case, the most populous continent and region in the world: Asia.


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  1. Bob Denis
    February 11, 2019

    This history have been in Dominica since 1971 , Rosie came to spend some time , prior to returning to Canada to face the Sir George william university trump up charges , he donated the very first black history encyclopedia by WEB Dubois to the library in Roseau . as a matter of fact , our daily one page paper “BLACK TRUTH” had excerpts from the volumes , by the way, Destrot was our editor . This was what we were about in the 4 corners , all about knowing and self-educating as much as possible , some paid a price for what BLACK POWER REALLY MEANT at the time .

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      February 13, 2019

      How can you say that the charges against Rosie where trumped up, when Rosie admitted in my presence at the West Indies Oil Company East Gate at Fry’s Hill in Antigua, that he had to take action, because the faculty at Sir George Williams University were discriminating against Black students by failing them; thus, preventing them from graduating!

      He contended that he was one of the students who suffered that fate!

      Man whoever you are stop talking nonsense, I knew Rosie personally: I knew the late Tim Hector, I was married to his cousin Violet Matthew, she is the mother of all my children. Rosie was a regular visitor to Tim Hector, Mother’s house on New Gate Street, West of the old police station in St. Johns, that’s where we would all sit and eat, and talk politics.

      Violet and I were members of the African Liberation movement led by her cousin Tim Hector, the son of her aunt; we left the party when we discover communism was the plan!

  2. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    February 11, 2019

    Scientists believe that the fossilized remains, which were discovered in 1994 in Ethiopia and studied for years by an international team of researchers, support beliefs that humans and chimpanzees evolved separately from a common ancestor.

    ” humans and chimpanzees evolved separately from a common ancestor.”

    Now, that in the quote is distorted, not true! I believe in creation, I firmly believe the same God; and in fact Jesus Christ who created human created chimpanzees also. It is my belief that if humans evolved; the evolution of humans would be continuous, there would be no need for human reproduction; as simple as that.

    The Bible teaches everything produces after its kind, and even chimpanzees, lion, dogs, and me produced after me!


    I produce sons and daughters after my kind. Now I know some insects do evolved; I know maggots (as in worms} evolve too fly’s evolve, after that the do lay eggs, and from their eggs…

  3. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    February 11, 2019

    I am not about to refute your theory, nor personal opinions; nevertheless, we must be what we say.

     “life did not begin over two thousand years ago in the garden of Eden as some have made us to believe. “(Out  Of The South).
    That is your first mistake, because in that quote above you have actually denied the existence of God, the creator of heaven and earth, and everything within. Now the Garden of Eden existed in Ethiopia, and if you doubt that read the following, they taught me that when I was pursing a medical degree to become a medical; doctor.

    The earth is just over 4.5 billion years old!
    Biology: Human Anatomy and Physiology!

     The oldest-known hominid skeleton was a 4-foot-tall female who walked upright more than 4 million years ago. Scientists believe that the fossilized remains, which were discovered in 1994 in Ethiopia and studied for years by an international team of researchers, support beliefs that humans and chimpanzees evolved separately from a common…

  4. out of south city
    February 10, 2019

    For those of us who know about the pyramids of Egypt, the Hieroglyphics, (writings in stone) was left there by our ancestors. That’s where the Europeans copied from, to bring us the bible. We need to also listen to brother Ashra Quesi, who visits Egypt on a yearly basis along with those who are seeking truth. He has a wealth of knowledge as far as the writings in stone.
    We have not questioned the bible enough to really know what’s going on. We have just accepted it and have not used critical thinking as to its existence.
    Do we also know about the Aborigines in Australia and the Untouchables of India, just to name a few of the Africans who live all over the globe? We need not be timid and fearful because that’s what has been used against us and as a result, we think that we have to be christians so that we will not go to hell. Christianity has used fear to keep us so ignorant and that’s why we do not want to read and research. They have really done a number on us.

  5. out of south city
    February 10, 2019

    There is a re-awakening of the African spirit within us. The truth, which was hidden from us, is coming to light and as I have mentioned before, Africa has to rise again. Our Story, which has been distorted by those who enslaved our fore-parents has to be re-written by us. The African spirit within us is being stirred once more to bring that truth to light.
    Our ancestors have been and were the first people to inhabit the earth and life did not begin over two thousand years ago in the garden of Eden as some have made us to believe. No one has a time line of our presence in the earth. Life did exist before the So-called garden of Eden. And even if one believes that story, then the garden of Eden is really in Africa. Just read to understand and not just to accept what has been told.
    The brothers are just informing us of what has always been there. Our ancestors did not leave us a bible written by some European. They left us the story, long before the bible came into existence.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      February 13, 2019

      Out of the South, it is not every descendent  of slaves who have a slave surname. There are a vast majority of people in the Caribbean perhaps Dominica also who are living under their original African name. Especially those people you find with a French surname.

      I can tell you for a fact, that my name “Telemaque” is from Dakar Senegal found among the Wolof tribe you may not believe, but more than forty years ago that is where I found my name originated.

      Remember the slaves did not return, except a few who went to Liberia. Telemaque found in Vatican dating back 500 years.

      Wolof in Senegal | Joshua Project

      Profile. The Wolof are a large ethnic group with a population of over four million. Most are located in the West African countries of Senegal and Gambia. In recent years, however, the expansion of peanut cultivation and an acceleration towards urbanization has motivated many of the Wolof to spread out into Cote d’Ivoire and…

      • out of south city
        February 13, 2019

        My brother, I do concur but you have to realise thathes last names were given to us. Yes, I am aware of the Wolof tribe and you should not forget that the slave trade was calculated by Western Europe and that includes France. Yes, some of the Africa countries like the Cameroon and Senegal, do speak French and the only country in Africa that speaks Spanish is Equitorial Guinea.
        Also, many of our brothers and sisters on the continent were christianised and their first names are not African. We need to know what really took place and the only way to know is to do some research.

  6. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    February 10, 2019

    Show me a picture of Africans on the continent of Africa dating back to five hundred to a thousand years; if anyone can produce a picture of an African King or one other single African looking like that; I will believe the mess in the picture.

    Africans traditionally cut their hair clean, even some women traditionally shaved their head; in some case they braid their hair. They brought their tradition and customs to the Caribbean when they came as slaves, that is one of the reasons we have the term in Dominica “congo my hair” which simple means plat or “braided hair!”

    Even this Rasta-man dirty hair is not traditionally out of Africa, that is something which originates in Jamaica; hence that in the picture has absolutely nothing to do with Africa; that is nonsense!

    • Esprit
      February 11, 2019

      Need a video to prove thier belief but u didnt ask for proof of Jesus Christ as our loving saviour. We believe by faith in something none of us believe but we refuse to acknowledge that Europeans came and enslave evevryone that was not white, killed and rape them then force them to follow thier religion and carry thier names.

      • out of south city
        February 11, 2019

        Esprit, that’s the same thought that was going through my mind when I read our brother Francisco’s comment. Why do we ALWAYS believe the Europeans’ History and deny our Story? My brother, they are not going to tell you the truth. You and I have to do our own research. Just as they gave us their last names and we just accepted them and believe that’s who we are so too, they have perpetrated lies form the time they came on the scene. Do you know that while Africa was inhabited the Causacians were in the Caucaus mountains for thousands of years. That’s why they lost skin melanin and cannot be in the sun for too long. A good reading is by Michael Bradely, “The Iceman Inheritance. He is a European telling about their History.
        What I have come to realise is that we have to redefine certain things. Why have we accepted the definitions of the words BLACK and WHITE and who gave us these definitions?
        We have to know who we are and not what others have labeled us to be.

      • out of south city
        February 11, 2019

        continuation: That’s why I have elevated my mind and have graduated from religion. The bible is not the oldest book as we have been told and it is filled with metaphors, allegories and mythology. One example is NOAHS ark. First of all we have to find out the dimensions of that boat and second, we have to ask if all animals were on that boat, then he , Noah, would have to travel to different places to collect all these animals. Example, he would have to go to Australia to collect the kangaroo and then he would have to have all the insects which are innumerable. There is no way that there was enough space for all these animals, plus his family. And where did all these animals defecate? Common on, people, we have a brain and let’s use it and not just accept what we have been told.
        AOn another note, why do we have to pay 10% of our income to a man, called the man of God so that he can give that money to God for me?

      • out of south city
        February 11, 2019

        continuation: Before I give that 10%, I have to pay taxes whereas, the man of god pays NO TAXES. He may also live in a mansion, drive a better car, and even goes on vacations. After a while, he becomes rich and I continue to work hard to make ends meet. does that make any sense?
        My people, please “EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY” and RELIGIOUS SLAVERY which have clouded our minds from the truth.

  7. February 10, 2019

    This video is well worth watching, especially as it stresses pride in natural appearance. As a painter and sculptor, it is a message that I have spent a lifetime trying to bring home to Afro-Caribbeans.

    “…Then will I swear beauty herself is black,
    And all they foul that thy complexion lack…”

    (From Shakespeare’s sonnet to a “Dark Lady”)

  8. Shaka Zulu
    February 9, 2019

    Nice nice. Would like to see more of these on here.

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