PM Skerrit announces former CCJ President as sole commissioner for electoral reform in Dominica

Prime Minister Skerrit speaking at the swearing-in of the new DLP Cabinet

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has invited eminent Caribbean Jurist, Sir Charles Michael Dennis Byron, to perform the service of sole commissioner for electoral reform in Dominica.

The Prime Minister made the announcement during the swearing-in ceremony of the new cabinet held at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Tuesday.

 “On elections night I indicated my intention to establish a national commission on electoral reform led by a renowned Caribbean jurist,” he said. “The government has invited and the invitation has been accepted to perform the service of sole commissioner by the Right Honorable Sir Charles Michael Dennis Byron, eminent Caribbean jurist.”

According to Skerrit, Sir Dennis most recently distinguished himself as the Chief Justice of the Caribbean Court of Justice from which he has now retired.

He said the Commonwealth of Dominica is “humbled to watch” Sir Dennis give guidance on the process of electoral reform.

“The terms and reference and commission will be announced early in the New Year at which time a secretariat will also be established to support Sir Dennis’s work,” Prime Minister Skerrit revealed.

He reiterated his call to ensure the full engagement and inclusion of the Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) and its leader in this process, “and plead for their cooperation in the national interest.”

“The establishment of the commission now takes the matter out of the political sphere,” Skerrit stated. “It will inspire confidence at home and abroad in the transparency and impartiality of the process.”

Skerrit also repeated his call for unity from the opposition following the general elections.

“To the United Workers Party opposition and its leader, I say the elections are over; the time for national healing reconciliation and unity has come,” he said. “All the observers, including your friends, have pronounced the elections of Dominica free and fair.”

Skerrit implored the opposition to put the “destructive rancour and revolt” behind them.

“We are one people; this is our country Dominica. Let us all work together to build a dynamic Dominica,” he stated. “I extend a hand of brotherhood to you and invite you to work in peace with the government and initiatives that will advance the national interest.”

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  1. Disenfranchised Voter
    December 21, 2019

    Don’t be surprised if this highly recognized Judge submits a report recommitting that Parliament amends the act to legalize cheating and bribery. Wasn’t this the suggestion made by his friend the CS sometime in 2008? Hold on money talks and bull…. walks.
    Poor Dominica!

  2. RastarMarn
    December 19, 2019

    This is the first sign of deception!!!

    Marn doh know this Judge or how much Skerrit paying him but this doesn’t sound right,,,

    Why is it Skerrit that appointing a One ManBand!!!

    Why didn’t the process go through the appropriate Channels for a Vote at Parliament although we know is 3 to 18 but still let people see the willingness to be open,,,

    This Appointment of this Fellow is sign of trouble to come,,,
    According to what Marn see this is the same Dude that was involve with the Clintons meddling in the Haitian Business, and look the state Haiti is in today,,,

    Skerrrit there is no need to appoint any of your affiliated Fellows,,,

    There was recommendations done/made already by a competent Lawfully organized Body,,,
    Before you bring this dude can we work on these two things,,,

    Clean the Voter list and
    Issue a system for Voters’ verification

    That difficult nuh where you have to go bring some retired dude in country house, feed and transport him all over…

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  3. Democracy now!
    December 19, 2019

    Let me remind you all that this is the same Mr. Skerrit who invited the OAS and Caricom to advise him on electoral reform, which they did and he simply ignored them. This one will be no different. A waste of time. A futile exercise to fool the many, many gullible ones. Dominicans, we are too soft, the perfect environment for a dictator to thrive. One day we will all regret letting Skerrit walk on us like this.

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    December 19, 2019

    The alleged father of all BRIBERY “Kickback” and CORRUPTION talks….

    When EVIL resonates across the fabric of a society and perpetuates itself through self-subversion it frays and thrashes itself toward disassemblage.

    When a cack-handed Prime Minister uses EVIL by bringing his paralytic tongue, the dialect of impossible belief, the word-in-arrest festers upon a nation – it draws forward the unspeakable, for the verses of evil, whether poetic of profane, base or enchanted, reflect the deathliness of language itself, and thus the living death of a nation.

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  5. Brave
    December 19, 2019

    The Dominica labour party has won another election, and this one according to reports by a huge margin. That means they have nothing to fear. With such a mandate and no fear, electoral laws should now be amended to reflect the times we live in. One cannot go to a bank and say, I am so & so, I am making a withdrawal, they will ask for your ID. Yet we still honor giving your name and profession to do something as important as to vote? This is illogical. All I am pointing out is that, with such a victory in this last election DLP should not be afraid of electoral reform because you already have the majority. Be brave, enact proper electoral reforms, and be the bigger party for it.

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  6. %
    December 19, 2019

    The thing is, Skerrit is such a dishonest leader, that once he handpicks someone, 99.999% of the people will believe (with good reasons) that he knows there will be trickery like loopholes in the exercise..
    Skerrit is an embarrassment even to himself! He stole the election, now he is begging the people to accept him..
    We need to take to the streets!
    Boots on the ground please!
    Just ring the bell, and i’ll be there.
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?

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  7. Tell me
    December 19, 2019

    DNO why did you take down the congratulatory post from the US to the PM

    ADMIN: The post you are referring to is still on the site:

  8. viewsexpressed
    December 19, 2019

    According to Skerrit, “Sir Dennis most recently distinguished himself as the Chief Justice of the Caribbean Court of Justice from which he has now retired.”
    It is just a pity that Skerrit, nor the people of Dominica is unable to recognised, nor bestow upon “Un-Distinguished failed, questionable” Skerrit as this recognised “Distinguished Person”. This must not happen, this will not happen. Dis-Honourable Skerrit has not earned this prestigious name and position. Skerrit is a failure. He has failed as Prime Minister. Abused the financial resources of the state and opened and administered by himself what has been referred to as “This corrupted, Bobol, Red Clinic”, where states funds were abusively distributed on a Friday to people he called to come to big Dada Skerrit, issue cash to struggling people rather than create/offer them jobs to take care of their families. Skerrit is usually seeking fame but has insulted himself and the office of Prime Minister and that of our…

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    • Kalinago Justice
      December 19, 2019

      Why is this one-man corrupt rogue regime prime mistake getting involved in the electoral process, this is not his mandate! :?: We the people do not want to hear you now on Electoral Reforms! We are ready for a revolution,get out!!!

  9. Garvey
    December 19, 2019

    Skerrit is not capable of extending a truce because he is a two face.That man cannot be taken by his word sand he has no love for Dominica and it’s people,he pick some traitors and prostitute them to betray the country while he give away Dominica resources to foreign hands.

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  10. Pyro
    December 18, 2019

    So what’s the function of our local electoral commission? Everything in Dominica is ran by foreigners or a foreign entity! This is total garbage! Repair our local electoral commission, don’t forget that the electoral commission is an independent commission in order to safe guard democracy, so why is it skerrit and not the commission who is seeking assistance in the electoral reform process? Total rubbish. The opposition should not accept this, it’s a direct interference into an independent body which was established to further democracy! Yet again we witness the corrupt behavior of this PM and this jurist knowing full well that skerrit doesn’t have the authority to but the electoral commission is accepting skerrits invitation to be a sol commissioner for electoral reform, it’s corruption! I wonder how much was this man bribed in order to take up this position? Seems like all these former Caribbean heads are corrupt and are facilitating corruption!

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  11. Death Announcement
    December 18, 2019

    With this very sad and deceptive news we stop all assignments to make this announcement:

    We announce the death of Dominica, who died on Wednesday December 17, at the Windsor park DLP family hospital, at the young age of 41. She left the mourn Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit who performed a very fatal surgery, PM Gaston Brown of Antigua, PM Ralph Gonzales of St
    Vincent. Peter Wickham and the rest of the Barbados gang, CARICOM members, The Bishop of Roseau, Caribbean Secretariat, OAS observer mission and numerous enemies and haters of the DLP gang. The funeral service will be given at a subsequent announcement.

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  12. Air Dominica
    December 18, 2019

    Dominica die win.Boy Booplay told us Air Dominica was going to crash but we didn’t take heed. Well look she die two years later

  13. Kalinago Justice
    December 18, 2019

    Does the one-man corrupt rogue regime prime mistake has the right to appoint anyone to oversee Electoral Reforms, thought it was solely the responsibility of the Electoral Commission :?:

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  14. Sad Dude
    December 18, 2019

    I expected pm to use the.mandate we gave him to first unite the country and then put the best team out to help put us back on our feet. Sir Charles Michael Dennis Byron, is not a uniter and therefore will only do your biddings. Joseph Isaac, the former UWP candidate,who gave up his Roseau Central seat to accommodate Melissa Skerrit and then sent him in Roseau North where he was beaten and then have him as house speaker, is again a very bad move. I think you only put him their to further decide us. As arrogant as the fallen evangelist or the fallen pastor is, they both would be a much better choice since they were not candidates of the last election. I am just very disappointed man. It’s time to put country first and stop dividing the country PM. With the way the country is divided I urge you to not only talk olive branch but show it. As a first sign of national unity I expected you and the entire new cabinet to dress in UWP blue . IT’S TIME TO UNITE US AND STOP DIVIDING!!!!

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    • December 19, 2019

      The UWP Team Dominica didn’t lost anything, we the people are the looser that’s the first thing we the people have to accept to be able to move forward. But the first thing that PM Skerrit have to do is go on the Air Waves and apologize to all Dominicans, every one must hear him from East, West, North South especially the people in Salisbury. All the Radio stations must carry the the live feed at the same time, for the majority of people on the Island will never be moved because there is just to much hatred, victimization and bitterness amount my people.PM Skerrit how are you going to mend the division you created between Dominicans in the diaspora and those on the ground… Dominicans vs Dominicans

  15. Watchman
    December 18, 2019

    One can tell the same lie over n over until he believes it’s the truth. Keep lying to yourself you alone believe it.

  16. Sad Dude
    December 18, 2019

    I am UWP but voted for especially because of the help my mom got during her illness and death. Furthermore, although I really like Linton, I thought of where we are as a country with the banana industry, Ross University and coconut products gone and since CBI and our relationship with the Chinese seems like our only hope, I was concerned that a yep administration would probably change everything and that to me would cause chaos and civil war so late on election day I voted the DLP. So far I am very disappointed with the decisions taken by PM. I thought with an 18 /3 cabinet he would cut down the size of his cabinet and really put his best team out. Sadly he did the opposite. Take for example Rosslyn Paul, who never played rounders as minister of sports when you have a young Oscar George, who played cricket for Dominica u19 and a young man maybe under 30. Why not put him in sports? Instead he chose to groom him as next parlrep, when he becomes president and Melissa becomes PM later.

    • %
      December 19, 2019

      Well you are part of the problem.
      You voted DLP?
      Your wicked soul.
      Why come on here and spew your garbage after the fact? You got “”Cool Out””. Just say that!!!
      Whey is di money?
      Whey is di money?
      Whey is di money?

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    • December 19, 2019

      That’s was your choice but you missed the boat so stop it because your analysis doesn’t help you or your Mom right now, don’t blame yourself just keep your eye open and see where you go from hear Mr. Linton will be alright and I’m sure he loves you too.

  17. Dr Clayton Shillingford
    December 18, 2019

    Skerrit’s comments here are clearly highly dishonest Questions
    If Skerrit now thinks reform is necessary why only now after all these years ,rejection of multiple recommendations by OAS, Commonwealth, CARICOM and after a stolen election?
    Are OAS, Commonwealth, CARICOM themselves complicit in the crookedness??
    is that a device to discourage the UWP from challenging the Dec 6 election in court? The court may say reform is coming so why challenge??
    will the Dominica courts employ the Cottle procedure i.e. avoid in the kangaroo court bringing decision against a sitting government or drag thru multiple adjournments and delaying tactics over 5 years Over to you tony Astaphan..
    what about Tony Astaphan’s warning to avoid electoral reform because of its anticipated negative impact on Skerrit’s LEGACY?? Is Tony’s LEGACY recommendation to be set aside now??
    what about those like Parry Bellot who have been saying that election was free and fair. a party can pay vast amount…

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  18. Ibo France
    December 18, 2019

    A guilty conscience needs no accuser. This is bolting the gate when the horses have left the stable. The corruption will continue unabated. A leopard can never change its spot. The only thing that you’re certain to get from Skerrit is corruption and tomfoolery. The man is a diseased LIAR.

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  19. Arrow357
    December 18, 2019

    You full of crap,the process is simple clean the list issue id cards,why is always an outsider to determine the needs of Dominicans

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  20. %
    December 18, 2019

    Only now you are interested in electoral reform?
    After yet another stolen election???
    Skerrit are you a member of the Independent electoral commission?
    How can you be a politician and at the same time you are the one responsible for reform?
    The opposition must first ask you to recuse yourself, and let them hear from the electoral commission…You are out of place in trying to take over the role of the electoral commission.
    Reform must not only be Voter ID card, and cleansing of the bloated voter’s list, but campaign finance reform, and use of the media must also be included. I maintain be that reform belong to the people, to strengthen their democracy, and not to any corrupt politician!!!
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?

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  21. greshman
    December 18, 2019

    Why does the prime minister has to always hand pick people. Why can there ever be a tender process for the services. Even if he has his hand in the selection, but at least the public will see the terms of reference etc.

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  22. DAPossieMasse
    December 18, 2019

    Unless the patriots are prepared for tit-for-tat then Dominica will never be liberated.

    Melissa called for violence with snipers, and everyone sat back an did not let her know if you fire on the patriots then fire will be returned. Preparation must be made for RSS, because we know they will come back to Dominica when hunger, unemployment, the lack of ability to pay their mortgages, and there is no airport next year.

    So Skerro and Charley — Manson can bring the Clarence Thomas of the Caribbean all they wants, the people on the ground did not give your junta the mandate to lead the country, and all the threats will not quell the simmering undercurrent of frustration past into anger that demands fairness.

    It sure seems that your application of Michael Dennis Byron is the first step in DAT direction. The residents of Dominica will prevail by any means necessary.

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  23. Not A Herd Follower
    December 18, 2019

    Why is Skerrit making electoral reform seem so difficult? We know what is required. Fundamentally, Skerrit must stop interfering in the work of the Electoral Commission directly and indirectly through his henchmen on the Commission

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  24. Casio
    December 18, 2019

    Whatever wi feller. whatever. do what you want. Them times you dont even need to tell dominicans. when you travel on “state” business you dont even need to tell us you going or report when you come back. you didnt before no need to now. Sell the country and keep the reciept for yourself. that you doing already. By now the people realize you will do everything the money of Dominica allows you to do to stay in power. Not even your wife you gave a little piece of your overcrowded by overly useless Cabinet after you used her to steal roseau central. Do what you want feller! that you doing already.

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  25. UKDominican
    December 18, 2019

    Lets be realistic. Our country is tiny with a population of barely 60,000 today. We do not need a retired judge to give a pronouncement on electoral reform, with a commission and secretariat no less. at considerable expense We had advice from three missions, invited by Skerrit, who gave their recommendations, which were rejected by Skerrits government. We have an independent electoral commission mandated by the constitution to take care of such matters. We know what is required and it is very simple. For Skerrit now to postulate to the world his fairness and concerns by making this appointment is a preposterous farce and insult to us. I’d rather Sir Dennis investigate the multiple documented allegations of corruption by our Prime Minister and which would go a long way to bringing peace to our country.

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    • %
      December 19, 2019

      @UK Dominican
      Additionally, once it is Skerrit recommending the person, his (Skerrit’s) level of trickery and deception is such that the populace will not even accept the person, even if the person’s intentions are good!!
      Whey is di money?
      Whey is di money?
      Whey is di money?

  26. Lin clown
    December 18, 2019

    SKERRIT is the one PAYING for electoral reform.Any reform that LEAVE THE DIASPORA OUT we will not ACCEPT.Every Dominican in the world has a right to vote.

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    • The missing point
      December 18, 2019

      Bribery is illegal in Dominica. The problem is not Diaspora voting. The problem is chartering flights to bring them down to vote for DLP.

    • magway ca
      December 18, 2019

      you seem to forget that the DOMINICAN constitution says that if u not residing in DOMINICA for 5 years you are off the registry so all of you all so called diaspora that came down to vote did so AGAINST the Dominican constitution. whether you voted for labour or workers your vote was illegal

      so before you run your mouth about having right to vote. every country have there own constitution and the DOMINICAN one says that after 5 years of nt residing on island you are to be removed from the list of registered voters

      so shut up. if u want to vote in dca so badly move back home and leave there. drive on the bad roads. struggle with the $400 dollars you get a month when you work in the so called employment program, go and beg for money in red clinic, go to sleep with tarpaulin on your roof.

      thats just to name a few. by the way you all know that mr skerrit is a land lord in Barbados that provides housing for ross uni students over there

    • December 18, 2019

      Lin Clown, what do you mean by leaving the diaspora out. Any Dominican who was registered to vote before they left Dominica, they have the right to return to vote 5 years later. What and who is leaving them out?

      They should not wait for the Government to send them a plane ticket, or a boat fare unless they really cannot afford it, that is not good.

      When I left Dominica, I was too young to vote, so I could not be registered, then I was out of it unless I went to Dominica at least 3 months before the election; but as a working person in Canada, that was a hard decision.

      But now I am retired and I will be there in 2024, independently, God’s Will be done.

      The reason I wasn’t there this year was because of the hooligan attitude of the UWPites, which I suspected soI was concerned about getting stuck in Dominica, I have things to look after in Toronto. Had PM Skerrit not taken the quick move to protect his Dominicans, it would have been so.

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    • Joe
      December 19, 2019

      Paying from his own pocket?
      You must be a real clown!

  27. Man bites dogs
    December 18, 2019

    This man Skerrit, Surely knows how to pick a good team my god if he was a cricketer and fast bowler I would not be batting against for sure. Already I am looking forward to five more years Skerrit Labour let us give uncle Linton, some more body blows.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 45
    • Dogs bites Man
      December 18, 2019

      Your mother should have swallowed you because you are a nuisance to us Dominicans.:lol:

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    • viewsexpressed
      December 19, 2019

      “We wonder why you are so interested in electoral reform now while before the election you were so opposed to it?” This is typical failed, immature Skerrit for you. Please do not expect anything of decency or upliftment from this Skerrit. Skerrit occupies the Prime Ministers Office,, the first “Odd” Failed Minister to occupy this prestigious Office where it has now been stained and disrespected over 19 years under this Immature Odd Minister Skerrit and his blind acolytes.
      You know you would have lost if it was done before the election.
      To have this failed political clown Skerrit sit at our office for another five years is sad and disheartening with weird friends and alliances who don`t care but condone this failure and corruption of failed Skerrit and his nuisance acolytes who shout rubbish that “We Love our PM”. How sad to put this failed man before that of our country Dominica and our suffering people in a “Poverty Driven Dominica”. Skerrit failed us and he must Go. “Go…

  28. weh
    December 18, 2019

    I wonder why you are so interested in electoral reform now while before the election you were so opposed to it?

    You know you would have lost if it was done before the election

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    • Dishonest
      December 18, 2019

      You all are so blind and wicked in your thoughts words and actions is amazing.

      How could PM not be interested in ER and he 👇

      (1) gave all the moneys the commission ask for and even extras?

      (2) buy the machine and the cards to be printed?

      (3) why would he employ additional staff and the expertise to man the machine?

      (4) why did he buy additional vehicles to make the electoral office be mobile and flexible?

      (5) why did he prepare the legislation and table it to parliament?

      Does that look like someone who doesn’t want electoral reform?

      Unlike uwp and their operatives who PROTESTED OUTSIDE OF PARLIAMENT

      WE HEARD OF BAGS OF STONES ……………………………………….

      Who filed injunction in the courts?

      Lennox said the laws was ok and it can work and the next week he protesting against it

      So spend some time and inform And or educate yourself on issues before you come and make a fool of yourself please

      18-3 answers u all

    • Eagle-Eyed
      December 18, 2019

      wey, get your facts right. It wasn’t skerrit that opposed electoral reform. it was the opposition. They even took out a court injunction to block it even as skerrit made funding available to get things in place. That’s why the majority of voters didn’t swallow the ‘electoral reform’ and ‘missing CBI funds’ line perpetuated as part of the UWP campaign strategy.

    • The Truth Be Told
      December 18, 2019

      weh – what is election reform? I am sure you cannot answer that. Because most of u just repeating what someone say without any understanding. What u understand is that Labour would have lost if there was election reform. That was what your leader made u believe. Again in your own understanding – What is election reform? The PM was never opposed to election reform & for that matter no one. It is your leader who using you to try to make a point, when he does not win, he blames everything on election reform. Most of u followers just hear a word (election reform, 1,5 billion missing) without understanding nothing u run with this. Don’t u think if that was the problem, your leader & cronies would not have nominated after all the garbage – no reform – no election & all the others-now election steal, dead people vote, 8,000 persons, children vote, fake news, videos. The seat won(UWP is the only legal seat. Stop joojoness. Now they going parliament. Think for you weh. stop limit yourself.

      • Lin clown
        December 19, 2019

        MAGWAY CA,if you are out of DOMINICA for 50 years,and your NAME IS ON THE VOTERS LIST you can VOTE,except there is an OBJECTION.And,you must be informed of the objection,wherever you are,and given time to respond.That is what the Government wanted to go to Parliament to change.

      • stupes
        December 19, 2019

        In case you forgot the OAS came down at the request of your PM and recommended the electoral list be cleaned and voters id cards issued. The attorney general rejected those recommendations so you tell me who’s really opposed to electoral reform?

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    • December 18, 2019

      @weh, that is not true and you know it!

      Your UWP leader is the one who caused electoral reform not to come through before the 2019 election because he wants things done his own way, which can never be.

      He knew that he would not win the election anyway; for Dominicans alerted him about that truth from the beginning.

      And now he is blaming his loss on not being free and fair; the same song that Edison James was singing when he lost 18-3 in 2009.

      So the three foolish people in Edison James, Hector John, and Ron Green kept walking of Parliament meetings, right into 2014.

      Now the new 18-3 with Lennox, Hector John, and Danny Lugay, the new three foolish people are planning to do the same foolish thing, and you want to blame PM Skerrit?

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 2 Thumb down 6
  29. Magway ca
    December 18, 2019

    To the United Workers Party opposition and its leader, I say the elections are over; the time for national healing reconciliation and unity has come,” he said. “All the observers, including your friends, have pronounced the elections of Dominica free and fair.”

    Wow after you tell the voters who didn’t vote for you you have your army and you kno who they are they cannot fool you

    Bro you already fooled your own self

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 38 Thumb down 18
    • Sad
      December 18, 2019

      He fooled himself and he have 18-3?? 😂😂😂😂😂

      Boss you really making me laugh.

      Do you listen to matt?


      You can finish it

    • Pipo
      December 19, 2019

      Let me remind Skerrit that the final reports are not in yet. We are a free people and will fight dictatorship wherever it raised its ugly head. The fight is far from over.

    • December 19, 2019

      Miss Charles use those same words when she won her election in her own words those of you that did not vote for me don’t espect
      any assistance from my government how quick we forget she was referring Patrick John winning ST. Joseph and other seats she lost to DLP.

  30. Toto
    December 18, 2019

    What that got to do with Skerrit. That is the exclusive job of our Electoral Commission, nothing to do with Skerrit. The man boots getting too big. And imagine I’m sure that retired judge getting a nice contract for that and you think he is going to rule against Skerrit who is paying him. Our electoral Commission is supposed to be independent, so Skerrit is by passing them because he knows they are ineffective because of him. How ironic is that and very,very wrong.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 42 Thumb down 8
    • December 18, 2019

      If all that you are saying should make any sense, why did your leader decide to contest the election when the Prime Minister set a date?

      Why did he not wait until electoral reform was settled, by the electoral commission as you said they are the ones responsible?

      Whenever that process was complete, he would have the right to recall the election, PM Skerrit could not deny, but he would win again anyway.

      So it is all your leader’s fault because he is a foolish individual, you all are not helping,………………………….. How pitiful?

    • viewsexpressed
      December 19, 2019

      To the United Workers Party opposition and its leader, I say the elections are over; the time for national healing reconciliation and unity has come,” he said. “All the observers, including your friends, have pronounced the elections of Dominica free and fair.” Magway ca…please be open and stay focus on the bigger picture of electioneering and its purpose. This is no joke, not a Christmas party and not you playing with your marbles.
      When are our people going to rise up and take back our Domininca from this failed incompetent Skerrit and this corruoted failed Labour Party out of our government. Skerrit and his political clowns have failed us. They have abused our states funds through Red Clinic etc. Our Dominica is in a mess and our people, for the sake of our up coming children, need decent environment, get rid of poverty, poor, corrupted Labour government that we take our nature Isle back and our people to much higher levels of decency in government and stability in Dominica.

  31. Frank N Stein
    December 18, 2019

    How we going to work in peace when you stand up in your constituency and tell people you remember every face and voice and you will deal with them. This void you have for power and admiration is killing you slowly. You will end your life alone, unadmired and out of control because admiration cannot be bought. Do what you can with our money now but soon and very soon……..

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  32. AP George
    December 18, 2019

    Skerrit is the Caribbean’s Trump. Just a few days ago, this man told Vieille Case constituents that those who supported UWP should have stayed home and not vote at all. He seemed well upset they did not vote for him. The gall of this man in this democracy. The way he and all his men talk is like they now own the country and those who oppose them will face his ‘army’! Now, in almost the same breath, he wants to sound like the reconciliatory uniter. He could have had election reform and still have enough time for holding elections before the March 2020 constitutional deadline. All of a sudden it’s his top priority, huh… after he wins? Corruption running rampant and this is why UWP/DFP should not relent on holding DLP accountable. The election was not free and fair – the rigging did not happen on the day of (too easy for the observers to spot) so it was done prior. If OAS observers cited major problems prior to the elections and they were not addressed, why say now it was free and…

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    • The Truth Be Told
      December 18, 2019

      But LL your leader think the country belongs to him. Now he calling foul is stolen election. So much rubbish talk I hear from him. But the worse part is he leading some persons who do not understand anything. UWP people think they are the only ones who can see & it is only their point of view that is gospel truth. Here you – the riggin was too easy that the observers did not spot. But up to now, u cannot give 1 example of the the easy thing they could not see. Without that , your words are null & void. When will u slisten 2 yourselves b4 you talk? the same foolishness over & over again with no facts. Lies becomes truth & truth becomes lies in the UWP world. Where did u people originate from? Or what spirits are inhabiting u ? Sorry I feel 4 u guys.
      May God have mercy on us all. Get real, get truthful, stop bitterness. Rise up and close sesame (mouth) put on your boots. Get to work. Alls hands needed for Dynamic Dominica. Votes spoke. Stop the excuses. Truth.

    • December 19, 2019

      Now you want electoral reform?hmmmm

    • Thanks 🙏
      December 19, 2019

      Your name calling and innuendo means nothing. In case you missed the train, Skeritt is the PM of DOM, therefore, he has every right to lead. Your insults, hatred and attacks have fail so far, give peace a chance.

    • viewsexpressed
      December 19, 2019

      So true A.P. George: Skerrit ridiculous message:
      “The gall of this man in this democracy. The way he and all his men talk is like they now own the country and those who oppose them will face his ‘army’! Now, in almost the same breath, he wants to sound like the reconciliatory uniter. ”
      Skerrit has failed our Dominica and has abused our poor people who must come to him to the Red Clinic where our states funs has been abused. As civil servant we know that the agency, department responsible for allowances to our people is the Office of the Welfare Division. This office is managed by dedicated, committed, well resourced Welfare/Social Workers who first undertakes an assessment of our people in need and address their needs accordingly. Skerrit comes in and administers his corrupted, buy loyal attitude to our poor vulnerable people who are in need. This is shameful as this is states money Skerrit uses is for the Welfare Division, not immature silly Skerrit. Where is the financial…

  33. PRO
    December 18, 2019

    There Is no bi-partisan, Democratic review of things in Dominca.. everything is SOLE this and that. This man has his hand in everything and it’s truly sad that Dominicans are allowing him to play them for the fools they are showing themselves to be.

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