Three Roseau streets earmarked for improvement

A section of Independence Street in Roseau 

The government of Dominica is currently working on a number of initiatives for the enhancement of the country’s tourism industry and three streets in Roseau are earmarked for improvement.

This is according to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Careen Prevost who was addressing a consultation held at the Garraway Hotel earlier this week.

“We are also currently working on a number of initiatives for consideration in the new budget cycle that will seriously improve our cruise product,” she said. “You may have already heard the Minister of Tourism and Urban Renewal inform the public of government’s commitment to the Roseau Enhancement Project.”

She said there are three streets earmarked for improvement in the next financial year.

“That will include King George V Street, Independence Street and Great George Street, and of course we have the well-known Roseau River Promenade Project which we expect to begin in the next financial year,” she noted.

She revealed that other government’s priorities for tourism enhancement in this current financial year and the upcoming financial year include site and facility enhancement works, community tourism expansion and enhancement of our urban areas.

“Some of the specific projects that we are working on within this financial year that we expect to have a positive impact on the cruise sector include the rehabilitation of sidewalks and we know that this is a crucial area, particularly to our visitors to the city of Roseau,” she said. “Our priorities for this financial year include Victoria Street and Pottersville.”

Prevost pointed out that the Ministry of Tourism has also embarked on a cleaning programme for the City of Roseau in partnership with the Roseau City Council.

“As you would see and I hope you have noticed that there has been an improvement in the cleanliness of Roseau largely due to the work of the Roseau Central cleanup team which is spearheaded to the Ministry of Tourism and the Roseau City Council,” she stated. “We do have a team of individuals who clean the City at least three times a day in preparation for our cruise calls, in preparations for our business and local visitors who come into the City.”

Prevost mentioned further that the Ministry of Tourism plans to expand this initiative into Newtown and Pottersville in the new season.

Meantime, she said other major infrastructural works will continue in Roseau and Portsmouth.

“We understand the importance of the additional Cruise Ship ports at the Cabrits and this is our plan at the Ministry of Tourism to conduct major enhancement works in the Portsmouth area, so that we can ensure that the island receives full participation in the cruise tourism product,” she stated.

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  1. Let The Truth Be Told - Original
    March 13, 2017

    Consider the health, welfare and safety of pedestrians while trying to walk on and over poorly constructed and maintained sidewalks.
    For pedestrians, tourists and visitors safety, please improve the Roseau sidewalks that they do not hurt themselves, sprain or break an ankle etc., and have to be hospitalized and/or receive medical treatment, The cost will be on the government.
    Injuries could last a long time and may never be healed. The government should know that. Should these people hurt themselves due to this you will be sued and will have to pay up with no questions asked.

  2. Lang Mama
    March 12, 2017

    It is amaxing how easily we settle for less. Two elections ago this government told us about Roseau improvement and promenade etc.Note that there was no mention of CBI funding for thst project. We know aboutvthe Kuwaiti funds thst was madecavailable for yhe project and up to now Roseau still look like City Soleil.
    Now we are hearing about resurfacing 3 streets in Roseau and some people are shouting accolades to a government that continues to lie and deceive the people.
    is resurfacing 3vstreets in Roseau goingvto take care of the psrking , foul drains, terrible pedestrian movement, dilapidated sidewalks and the slum on the waterfront on cruise dsys?.
    The government spent $25 Million on a predident building yet right outside the building is a slum. U remrmber Timothy saying that tourist will come visit the state house. Really?

    • Jonathan St. Claire
      March 13, 2017

      Great job !… They think we stupid or they know we stupid………………..

  3. Anthony Ismael
    March 12, 2017

    Election must be near. First DAIC spoke about airport and now tourism people talking about cleaning and covering dirty drains. What’s next? Free plywood and galvanize with free cane rum.

  4. I Chrissie visited Dominica June 2016 after eight years and could not walk on the side walk many times I felt i was going to fall I was so scared so therefore this would be good fixing the side walk it was so disgusting to see the state of Roseau

  5. Concern dominican
    March 11, 2017

    Is this government acting on the impulse of of others including the opposition government? Come on man, what are the government plans or should I say manifesto prior to the general election held previously.
    Should those project be high on their agenda? It seems we the locals have to educate the government through radio programme on what is important for the country. The good one man government continue to fail the people as there is no foresight. I guess he can’t keep the millions hidden so he is looking now to give money left right and centre to undertake projects that should have happened 10-12 years ago. The money cannot be kept hidden anymore so go give to all his friends to run projects. The government is lazy and irresponsible

  6. ttesa n
    March 11, 2017

    Why are people still talking about “sidewalk” in Roseau? The best only solution is to ban all vehicles from entering Roseau. Parking areas should be made available outside the city – Allowing only a few shuttle buses in and out. Roseau should be for pedestrians only. Stop talking about sidewalk in Roseau. It’s easier for me to build an aiport in my kitchen than to see sidewalk in Roseau.

  7. rasta
    March 11, 2017

    They mentioned Roseau Promenade, they shown a picture just before election 2014 of a development plan for Roseau, now they are speaking of repairing three streets? Is there a master developmental plan for Roseau or are we doing this emotionally in this country? Was this new development part of national budget July 2016-June 2017? These guys can only get away in Dominica and no where else. When Bob Marley sang about mental slavery I really did not envisage it but it is at our door step in D.A. God bless the wise among us!!!

    March 11, 2017

    Stupes. Heard it all before! Lies

  9. Wisewoman
    March 11, 2017

    If thought was given to those of us who actually LIVE here, perhaps this would have been done years ago. Why is this improvement seen as a “visitor” thing? Do we not all deserve a clean, safe, attractive Roseau?

  10. Roger Burnett
    March 11, 2017

    “…facility enhancement …rehabilitation of sidewalks…major infrastructural works…tourism product…”

    Without a masterplan, a string of catch phrases ad nauseam can only result in a muddled way forward. Just as the figures in the picture that illustrates this news item are blurred, so is our thinking when it comes to improving the city of Roseau.

    The artist’s impression of “The New Roseau”, as unveiled three years ago, show Independence Street as being virtually traffic free – as it was in the days of hand-carts – regardless of the fact that two way traffic from the new West Bridge is projected to lead directly onto it!

    The Roseau Enhancement Project has been described as a comprehensive plan but I doubt that it is. I suggest that we abandon our ardour for cut and paste solutions from outside and focus on what can be achieved from within.

  11. Tony
    March 11, 2017

    Hello and good morning my people. Well I just spent three weeks at Home during carnival and I did enjoy myself. The City was very clean and there wasn’t any stench eminating from the gutters because the workers are doing a very good job by washing down the gutters. Now most of the street need rehab by digging up the foundation and putting down concrete and then putting asphalt . We need sidewalks to cover all the gutters and a system to use water from Roseau River to continuously wash down the gutters.

    March 11, 2017

    let me take a guess before reading this crap from roosvelt CBI money! Honourable Lenox Linton is a boss! A portion of all Dominica money magically appera because of Mr Linton. Time for roosvelt to go jail. That wicked *******!

  13. jonathan st jean
    March 10, 2017

    Instead of spending $19 million on a bridge which had no immediate defects think of how much Roseau would be transformed if that money were spent rehabbing many more of the roads in Roseau and how that would enhance the tourism product in the capital city

  14. Let The Truth Be Told - Original
    March 10, 2017

    This is something to look forward to. Ensure the sidewalks are improved.

  15. McKay Matthew
    March 10, 2017

    Everythin is Mr George, I wonder if Independence street ws Prince George street before too :?:

  16. Yes I
    March 10, 2017

    I guess the hard working people of Dominica do not deserve proper sidewalks! Too many times I’ve seen women walking in Roseau and hurting themselves while walking on Roseau streets and side walks. smh. hmph! Some of them spraining an ankle and have to be rushed to the hospital to wait for a year and a day to see a doctor. smh

      March 11, 2017

      they only care about their tourist or is that they want us to think. Meanwhile each year the number of tourist on our island decreasing exponentially!

  17. silversliver
    March 10, 2017

    So what happen to the beautiful picture of the improvements that were planned for Roseau before the last election? The image of the sidewalks and lights were beautiful! I guess, if I had to think about it, I would say that “Voodoo is working in Dominica’!

    • Jon Jones
      March 11, 2017

      It shows how much short-term memory there is in Dominica. This Government has successively played that con trick on its blind supporters many times before but they still fall for it ever time. Skerritt knows how to keep them starving and illiterate so that he can always be their saviour with a few pennies now and then. Meanwhile, he and his band of international criminals (posing as diplomats) all seek to become extremely wealthy.

  18. Deeone
    March 10, 2017

    Please please please fix Kennedy Avenue and the nightmare sidewalks.

  19. papa
    March 10, 2017

    I think all roseau streets need to reconstruct

    • Chester
      March 12, 2017

      And renamed. lol
      king george street, great george street, queen victoria street, all named after some deadly and evil people that our fore fathers knew and experienced as ANGELS of DEATH.

  20. jihan
    March 10, 2017

    All the streets and the dirty drains need covering up,the business places should be responsible of fixint the sidewalks in front of their places,the delapidated structures that are abandoned,should be taken by the government and resold to in auctins,was just home for carnival,and our capital smell and is disgusting,i refused to eat @the restaurants.The place is just a mess.

  21. Chanter
    March 10, 2017

    Woman shut your !!! So dam long all you talking about that?

  22. Tamar
    March 10, 2017

    When this is over if at all it starts , because this could be another election Roro , I hope they will cover the open drains. This is an eye sore .

    March 10, 2017

    let the hatererade begin…. the floor is yours haters!

    • Floridian Diaspora
      March 10, 2017

      It’s not hatred, it’s called facts!!! Roseau is nasty and you know it

    • Jon Jones
      March 11, 2017

      Do you find the truth offensive? Why?

    • %
      March 12, 2017

      Yes…I am opening the party..Everything done by evil men is being destroyed,because their works are evil…Go to Macoucherie.Go visit MelvilleHall.Go count the number of bridges that need replacement…They country will always be retrogressive under DLP…Their works are evil..

  24. March 10, 2017

    Those of us who reside abroad are looking forward to the improvements.

      March 11, 2017

      is only you all will see this improvements. they only happen in dreams

  25. March 10, 2017

    When this reinstatement project is complete, I’m sure it will be a sight to behold!

  26. Hmmmmm
    March 10, 2017

    How much time dat same news have to repost on d no nuh….. just do the damn road!!

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